Wednesday, June 11, 2008

in your back yard what do you see check out mine

Yep, there was a billion fish all flocking around the third longest living organism in the world. Amazing all that lives is drawn to this massive god creation one of my favorite reef Inhabitants is my turtle bud, he played with me today, swimming in a real tight circle, its a fish's way of playing, as well as turtles. We swam as usual two pies in a pod, come join me and my turtle bud, who loves the company, believe me if he did not like hanging out he could disappear in seconds. Turtles are fast in the water, real fast. Fishing was fun everyone caught a fish, the highlight was a large barracuda who eat our bait fish. The rod was screaming as he jumped way up in the air. Fishing in Key West is the mac dad, come and find out what it is like, give me a call at 305 619 0731.

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