Saturday, June 30, 2007

baby turtle finds out what a chum bag is for 1st time

The sea smiled back today, the waters were merky but at my spot it was still clear. This is because it is shallow for veiwing. Lots of fish swimming about at the reef its almost always good snorkeling. Fishing was fierce having a live bait eaten and a whole reel of line disapear in minutes, a shaked girl says Captain Chuck what do I do, as the rod whizzed away. I said hopfully we can turn him around, but no the 60 pound test broke. We should have chased him down, its increadable the power and speed of the big fish out in the Atantic Ocean off of Key West. Come aboard check it out.
see turtle movie click line below

Thursday, June 28, 2007

goliathgrouper size of 500 fish sandwiches swims by

The Goliath grouper was fun to see. They are a huge fish, I know I could not get my arms around this one we was today. The fishing was great, caught lots of fish, it was fun to let the 7 month old boy see and touch the barracuda we caught. Another super calm day of extreme fun aboard the Delphine. The dolphins and turtles were out in force we watched them from the bridge of the yacht as we went back and forth to the reef. see huge grouper movie click below.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

great snorkel the group loved the ray we swam with

Super fun dive with a snorkel group and with a ray. Monday this entry is for just getting to it Today Tuesday on this trip we saw few turtles lots dolphins i love when they jump high, i think its a mating thing,.nice to watch such a huge fish, jumping, we had a barracuda on we all watched jumping in the air, like a dolphin, wile on are line, but shook hook. Fishing was awesome, check out the ray video click below can you see the ray.
Click to enlarge picture

Sunday, June 24, 2007

had a fish on stuck went in to get it unstuck to reel in

The water was calm and another beautifully day in paradise. I love how the groupers can change their appearance to match their environment, it is unique. Once at the Cayman, a wreck near my spot, I saw a grouper the size of a Volkswagen, he blended into the 200 foot wreck. Fishing was great lots of yellow tails and Bermuda chubs. Mom battled a nurse shark all by herself it was enough to wear out a family of six. She ran before I could get her face in picture. In the morning when we had a fish on the line we could not get it so I went in to chase it to the bottom. It was a green moray eel I have the video if anyone wants to see, feel free to comment. click on pictures to enlarge

Saturday, June 23, 2007

turtle swims with us looking at us as we look back

The water was like an ice skating rink, calm enough to skate on. We through our snorkel equipment on at the reef and explored the outer edge coming across this beautiful Angel fish and a happy Young turtle that i video taped for a bit than left alone. Its good not to harass sea life to much although its like seeing a movie star you wanna get right in there face. Today the sea creatures all seemed gracious they were busy doing their thing. I try to be discrete. The fishing was awesome hooking up with a nice cuda that a husband and wife battled equally. Something cut the side of it good trying to eat it right before we landed it must have been bigger than him. Check out the video and pictures of todays advanture at sea.
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv check out turtle movie click line below vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

Friday, June 22, 2007

couple lands monstor shark kingmackeral swim with us

The water around the big island was its usually good weather incredible out at sea, it was nice to see the dolphins swimming everyway. It seem that we see the dolphine when its calmer. The appearance of a King Mackerel swimming around the snorkeling is always neat. Later in the day we saw a couple of tarpons, the male was showing off, he swam circle's aournd us. I guess its mating season at the reef. We slammed tons of fish, hooked up with two nice battles a cuda and a big nurse shark later in the day. Today was another one of those days you tell your grandchildren about, it would take a book to describe so come aboard the Delphine with me.

click below to see shark or cuda video play

Thursday, June 21, 2007

ten in terms of everything tarponschool swim with us

The fishing was fun we could see down 24 feet to our bait, peering down on the unsuspecting hungry fish. It was fun to watch the huge fish swim by from the gunnel. What a pleasant treat it is to see the tarpon we all had cameras flicking, coasting around the reef swimming. Can you see a couple above the tarpons in the picture? Later climbing out at the yacht all relished in the fact that we were swimming with 250 pound fishes and how fun swimming can be in crystal clear bath water at my spot at the reef. A couple with good snorkel skills went through another one of my favorite cave holes in the reef. I could tell some story's you wouldn't believe here at Capt. Chucks donut.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

water turned to glass transparent clear blue fun stuff

We had a great day fishing and snorkeling. Caught plenty of fish to feed the tarpons, one jumped like a dolphin way out of the water eating a yellow tail right out of a teenage girl's hand also caught a nice strawberry grouper and barracuda. It was fun for all aboard the Delphine as we swam the reef enjoying all the swimming fish that were all about. The exciting thing for me was to play swim through caves. A good diver can swim through a underwater reef cave, here are two I swam through while snorkeling at the end of the day. As we headed back to the yacht I noticed some commotion on board, on passenger had got back early and had a big barracuda hooked up rod going haywire. Getting charged by a angry barracuda before getting in the boat was thrilling, no picture of this to busy swimming back to the yacht to help with him with the net.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

angel fish everyplace all day most breathtaking day

The fishing today was fun. Watching today as a young gal kept her proud dad busy baiting her hook and unpeircing out battled fish. She was pulling in one fish after another. Hooked up with a few big fish that had the rod bent way over with whizzing reel. The waters at the reef took my breath away, this beautiful clear swimming hole way out, 150 miles plus from Miami. Today's waters excited me, exhilarated me more than ever before at the reef. I had the most amazing experience with my passengers, we all had so good a time we all yelled the same thing when we boarded the yacht, that it was awesome. You could hear the echo amongst us. I think to myself now, wow, I am lucky to do this and take you out on this adventure.
Click the picture to enlarge sky to see a rainbow over the moon. I sure I am lucky to do this all the time, check out the angles' face it is saying cheese. There is only one way to understand what I felt, seen and heard, you need to come out on the Delphine and see for yourself.

Monday, June 18, 2007

big sea horse comes to play flaping its little wings

Each time I dove the reef it was like a busy New York street, not cars or people but a multitude of different kinds of fish of all colors, sizes and shapes. The Moray eel was still hanging out in the same spot working with a nurse shark to catch fish. It's neat how they work together the moray stricking out and forcing the fish towards the shark to eat. I came within inches of the moray with the camera, he looked stunned. Another neat treat was to see a sting ray flapping by. We saw schools of parrot fish some 20 pounds or more they have such bright colors. Also I loved the sea horse I find them so neat to watch flapping there little wings, moving there little tails such a odd sea creature. The fishing was insane as usual catching buckets of fish and another red grouper he was one inch short to keep, still a fun battle for one giddy gal.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

GIRLS ages 7 & 9 catch dozen fish, 1st time fishing

It was the young kids first time with a fishing poles in their hands, however you would never know it they were reeling in fish as fast as they could bait their hooks. Really exciting snorkeling at the reef, came across tons of different kinds of fish. As I looked back at my fellow snorkelers their hands were pointing every few minutes at stuff as to say to one another look at that its so cool. To be able to take folks to my reef spot in the ocean filled with diversity and to swim in it, actually being a part of it almost like an aquarium but not, the Atlantic ocean. See if you can find and see the nurse shark, moray eel,wrasse, grunt and yellow tail all in one picture. click to enlarge

Saturday, June 16, 2007

groupers storm the reef stocking the yacht delphine

The fish were biting, we landed a bunch. Grouper is one of my favorites, I can smell it cooking in the oven. The Capt Chuck's dinner will be ready soon yum yum what a great gift from today's nice folks. The visibility was a tad foggy, we all jumped in instantly overtaken by boo co fish. I saw a huge yellow jack swimming amongst some yellow tails he looked just like them, only 20 pounds heavier. The tarpons are still mating one 150 pounder swam right in front of me, about 10 feet away nd gave me a hey whats up glance. Ihad fun hanging out with a hog fish, I like their spiked up colic on their heads, see the pictures. Click to enlarge

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

two nurse sharks lay on bottom together embraced

The water turned yellow, with yellow tails around the yacht at the reef seconds after unleashing some of my special bionic chum, like the sweet smell of a good restaurant that permeates a whole block. The fishing was great caught tons of fish. A small school of grey ocean triggers swam all around the reef racing all around the reef flapping like birds around a tree. Some teenagers and I had a great time swimming through thousands of fish exploring the heart of the reef with wide eyes excited, suspense at every glance. We come across a happy set of love birds nurse sharks who were embraced, unfortunately my camera battery died but I did get an ocean trigger picture before battery died.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Amber Jack swam near we exchanged looks slowly looking

Atlantic ocean was one big pond, super calm water. Nice day visibility was a tad foggy, the fishing was awesome. Reeling in dozens of fish, hooking up once or twice with something ferocious. We brought 5 fish back to the dock for feeding the tarpons by hand. One of the fish we caught was on a rod I brought up from the bottom a delphine guest droped over board, lucky I know search & rescued and saved the rod and the fish. A girl was happily feeding tarpons when a big tarpon came way out of the water, knocking her pair of RayBan sun glasses of her head with a huge slash. I really enjoyed the thermocline, that's the cooler water just 3/4 feet down. It's like 5 degree cooler, it feels like walking into a cool room. Lots of fish all over the reef ,saw lots of angels, wow they are pretty. Also I spotted a hog fish, he was camouflaged, they are really tasty a white fish great for spearing easy to shoot a local favorite. We saw a nurse shark hiding,the hole group took turns swimming down and taking pictures looking up close yet cautious, also an Amber Jack came swimming up to me, he had never seen a human swimmer, i could tell with his curios rooming looks, we exchanged series glances, then he swam by and under some surface sea weed and of into the ocean obis.
Click to enlarge the hiden nurse shark and hog fish, click on the image.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lobster at my spot grow the biggest in Florida, NOAA says

All the fish eating members aboard went home with bags of fish, happy as clams. All day long poles bending one after another, one pole actually bent so hard breacking a ugly stick fishing pole, than tearing the line in half with its teeth. Later in the day we latched onto something that spooled a ton of line quickly, melting the line in half, it was 50 pound test.

The lobsters grow big and bold here. It always struck me as funny the way lobsters come out, face to face with you expecting you will back down and act like they can win in a fight. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, look at this lobster face and eyes.
Some of these happy tasty lobster creatures live to 100yrs old Territorial behavior living at my protected sanctuary spot will keep them safer so don't be surprised to see a huge old timer boldly standing up to you ready to express that he is tougher. (click on picture to enlarge)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mating season at the reef tarpons & sea turtle

The newlyweds faced and embraced with open arms the Atlantic Ocean, along with a family. The sea showed us a turtle, tarpons, angels and tons of other neat sea creatures. We caught tons of fish, a mother caught a nice snapper and planned on feeding her family later with it for diner. The tarpons are mating this time of year and its aways a treat to swim with these massive fish. I got a picture of one of these monsters, it was of med size, only 160 pounds i guess. There is one huge school of black dragons that always seem to hang out at my snorkel spot and got really friendly today. I found when I stayed still the school loves to surround me, its me and only the fish in a black cloud of synchronised fluttering sea wings. As their fins move back and forth yet all the while total in tune with each other becoming one a school of one hundred and one and me. You will see things in a different way that changes your life forever. Click to enlarge pictures.

These massive healthy pieces of coral shoals spring out of the Atlantic bottom to bring the most incredible species from all around the vast ocean desert to this coral oasis of menace fish clustering of ocean diversity. Its a honor and a privilege to swim here.

Monday, June 4, 2007

it was like catching fish in a barrel at the coral heads

It was calm as a pond out on the reefs today, however the windy rough seas from last week made the water a bit murky, yet the reef was still a pleasant treat. Tons of fish played catch me if you can. The fishing was great it was like the fish hadn't eaten in a week, we must have caught over 60 fish throughout the day. Some really nice folks from a carnival cruise jumped in and attacked the reef wide eyed and were flabbergasted with the reef's floral garden of ocean splendor.

In the afternoon the serious fishing people overwhelmed the reef ceiling with there tasty hook fish treats with not more than a few minutes between each fish that slapped on the deck floor and each time verbally patting each other on the back, and saying that's a beauty.

Another wonderful day with smiling, happy faces aboard the Delphine.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

dolphins swim near the yacht we plunge in for snorkel

Windy wild green, blue almost turquoise water overwhelms a family from Peculiar Missouri, as three young lady's slayed some yellow tails and a grouper, giggling and laughing and having fun. Later as they plunge in the toasty warm Atlantic waters, to swim with the dolphins with there brother, mother and papa. Another day of extremely awesome ocean adventure, swashbuckling stuff aboard the yacht Delphine.