Monday, July 30, 2007

never in my wildest dreams could i imagine

The ocean was breathtaking today as we made are way through the magnitude of fish. It was like a summer day at the beach with fish playing with one another like a bunch of school children. The fishing was awesome everybody caught some fish, the youngest caught the biggest but dad seemed fine with his massive yellow jack that his family of five couldn't wait to eat, lucky there was plenty for all.


Monday, July 23, 2007

papa took a rod his son the other together each won

The comfortable clear Caribbean ocean waters soothed us nicely as we sored about like eagles gliding above mountain and forests of coral heads and sea fans so rich in brill ant colors. Fishing rods worked hard today, caught a lot of yellow tail snappers. I made up some real incredible (fish catching) lures made of stainless wire, they worked awesomely getting hit hard only a short time after putting them out, a double header of sorts, catching a cuda and a nurse at the same time. I love days like this, cruising along staring at the ocean bottom from up on the bridge as if we were in 4 feet of water seeing everything so well, come join me for a dip and some fishing. Call me Key West Atlantic is calling you out for ocean revelry.-----CLICK ON PICTURE- to enlarge-

Saturday, July 21, 2007

waters around reefs turned clearer than spring water

The snorkeling was great, spotted all kinds of tropical fish, saw a father with his wife and half a dozen baby cuda kids go by enjoying there natural habitat. The tarpon are everywhere at the reef frolicking with one another, there were a few lobsters walking as well. I can't wait until the end of this month, lobster season is back in, it makes my mouth water thinking about it. The fishing was its usual insanity catching fish as fast as we could bait, one nice nurse shark was a real character. When the Delphine comes to the reef and unleashes the chum slick its like ringing the dinner bell and as easy as a drive through for the hungry fish like a McDonald's restaurant. Quick and easy thousands of fish filling there bellies with Capt Chuck's buffet, here try some of the special stainless hook, as we through out tasty treats with built in surprises for unsuspecting fish goers. Enjoying Capt Chuck's fish buffet at the reef.--CLICK PIC ---------TO ENLARGE -------HIT RED PRINT BELOW----------------------------movie shark caught -------------------------------

Thursday, July 19, 2007

bluewater clear colors brilllant beyond imagination

Imagine sliding into the clear ocean, almost weightless, like being in outer space floating. This Florida reef is the 3rd longest in the world. The snorkeling was nice saw a stingray, they can really move when they want. I think of them almost as a underwater bird flapping away. I saw a stone crab hanging out, in season you would only take one claw and let them go, really tastey stuff. Later the waters turned yellow with yellow tail snapper when i put out the bionic chum. as fast as we could bait we where hooking yellow tails. we where enveloped in a sea of fish hovering thick like a sea of yellow honey bees around the Delphine. A 99 pound fish put up a nice battle making a few girls huff and puff some. Everybody had a good time feeding the tarpons with some of the fish we caught. see video.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

dad takes daughters fishing they team up on a shark

The blue waters were in at the reef. There was a tarpon, we looked at one another I showed him some upside down swimming and different swimming stokes he seemed to love to watch me under sea happily playing. I watched his bright silver body rhythmically move, he did the same eyeing me. Huge amber jack swam by two groupers and hung out under a small coral head all the usual crowd of fish playing with one another or chomping on the reef or something. Its awesome when you look in the distance while under water and you can see so far that's why they call it Americas' Caribbean. Later I set out the chum slick, the girls and there daddy were slamming fish right and left filling the bucket, each battled with unsuspecting fish so intense the feeling of success emanating from their happy faces. After 1st glance when reeling in each fish to the boat after a fierce battle aboard the delphine, netting your shipmates fish can be fun also enjoying the full fishing experience aboard the Delphine just your party that's the nice thing about I let you do it all. I just tell you stuff and help if you need it, making fishing much more fun than other fishing trips.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

dad catches bigest fish everybody caught a cuda

The waters were beautiful on the Atlantic today, beautiful beyond words. Since the visibility was awesome the barracuda were very hungry. The reason why is it's hard for them to sneak up on their prey when they can see them coming from a mile away. Check out the picture of me reviving & releasing the barracudas, making them the happiest fish in Key West.

[click on line below for cuda catch movie]
[click on other line below for file fish movie clip]
[ click here for file fish movie clip]

Thursday, July 12, 2007

found the home of couple of turtles at the reef

It was just the most magnificent day, all day long the water was clear and temperature was nice. We saw tons of fish and had a nice time with a set of turtles. I had heard some tales from a captain who said that there were a couple of turtles who had made their home at the reef. We had a ball swimming with the turtles. The fishing was the usual, I tell people on my trip if you don't catch something in a few minutes you lost your bait.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

3 high school grads catch 25 pounder&much more

It always amazes me how far people travel to go on my trip. Way fun ocean adventure these guys loved the reef. We swam for a long while adventuring across the massive coral heads. Hooked up with a bunch of fish, one nice 25 pound cuda I could go on and on about chilling on and in the Atlantic ocean, but you need to come out and see for yourself you will not regret it. Call me now and lets fish and snorkel off key west.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

we hooked a gaint monster to big for my huge net

The fish just became bigger and bigger at the end so big that it was to big, not wanting to gaf the fish as to hurt him we got the net out. It was almost comical when we brought this monster up on the swim platform. Rocky and I had it in our arms grasping him for about 10 seconds at least, pulling him up on the back platform of the yacht then all at once the monster had a huge burst of energy not quick enough with the rope for his tail the huge monster began to spin, wrapping the line around himself snapping it off. We caught some mangrove snappers, grunts a nice black grouper, 2 barracudas and one huge monster. Watch the video, ops you won't believe it.its 5min long can not show. but come out on a adventure you may see for your self. here is one of the cudas we caught movie [click line below]

Monday, July 9, 2007

we feed sharks by hand & tarpon L@@k see movie

The sea waves were a tad bigger today, I guess it can't always be flat and calm. We dove the reef but it was bit cloudy a more serious dive than the usual plunge in the bath tub. When we got back to the boat we gasped and looked at each other and said wow that was exhilarating. The fishing was its usual frenzy of fish gobbling up are bait as soon as we put are hooks in the water a lots of smaller fish today. The couple I took out choose to go inshore today to do fishing and caught one nice grouper. We had good fun feeding the 20 fish or so to the tarpons and sharks. see video

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The sea opened up its true beauty to me and some Austrians, they both had underwater cameras. We saw some tropical fish and took some really cool pictures ,check out the yellow jack picture. After snorkeling we caught lots of fish including and a barracuda who put up a nice fight for one passenger. They loved the private charter which they felt was down to earth, he said your adventure offers people a non-regimented assembly line type style larger commerical boats offer and your rates are great for your 45 foot snorkel fish yacht charter. [click on pic to enlarge]

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Another great day watching the turtles and a spotted eagle ray swimming along the channel edge it was a perfect view. We all watched it flapping its spotted wings as it flap away, it had a super long tail. The dolphins were out and about swinging in the boat's wake for some time. We caught a bunch of fish, something really big took some crazy line a few times, reels spinning as the powerful fish sped off with are live bait our sharp hooks in their mouths. Brought in a bucket of fish to feed to the tarpons, so check out the highlights of feeding the tarpons and sharks by hand. Lots of clear water a king mackerel hung out for a bit I got some pictures they are a neat fish like a barracuda at first glance. Also queen and french angles were about and a magnitude of others.
Click on google video

Friday, July 6, 2007

happy guy busy catching fish as fast as could bait

The queen angels were playing with one another today in the water's current, just busy having fun with one another in their oasis habitat at the reef. The water is a perfect temperature right now, it's just right. The couple I dove with today had never snorkeled so I told them what to do and then gave them a tour of the reef, everone I train takes to it like bees on honey, just like they did. It was great to watch the two of them battling fish left and right he was jamming catching them as fast as he could bait his hook and his girlfriend she caught over half dozen fish. When he hooked up with this barracuda it made his day we all really enjoyed the morning fun................
.......[CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE]...........

Thursday, July 5, 2007

every person caught a nice fish to take to restaurant

The snorkeling was nice, swimming is such a great activity and to be able to see natures beauty while exercising is like a walking or jogging through a beautifully forest or wooded area. I sure have a great spot, we caught over 25 fish, I lost count. Everybody on board caught a nice size fish to take with them to have cooked at a restaurant for dinner. I talked to a guy today who went out on another boat but said he didn't even get a bite. I can't wait to watch this guy catch fish, we plan to go out first thing in the morning, he loves my guarantee [catch three fish or its free]

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

the 2nd reef water cleared snorkeled through caves

Its so exhilarating to swim down to the bottom and swim through a coral cavern, its like a short cave you never know what you will run into amongst the usual massive amount of fish that hide in them. I can see why fish love their habitat this coral wonderland. Swimming so happily around the reef you will love it to, come join me lets swim amongst over 200 variety's of fish, mammals and reptiles,humans all relishing the reef and its splendorous life like attributes being the third longest living organism in the world this coral kingdom of magnificent beauty awaits you. A big tarpon swam by us at the reef they like to hang at the reef during the summer. At my feeding spot the tarpons were thickm when we came to feed them, it didn't take long for them to gobble down are bucket of fish that we caught. I keep my eyes out for any barracudas when we feed the tarpons out of our hand, a near miss could be hairy, not like a tarpons or nurse sharks wimpy teeth. Feeding a 300 pound fish by hand takes some fortitude however its an optional thing to do on my trip, not for scardy cats. The yacht Delphine is calling you out, lets snorkel and fish call now.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

turtle swims with really exciting battle with huge fish

The sky was blue the ocean was its normal summer calmness. Jumping in each time I snorkeled was like taking the Nest tea plunge, aaah the water was cooler than hot summer air. Lots of happy fish playing, super cool turtle was at the reef. We all swam with him admiring his curious eyes and head as he looked about at us. A few big tarpons swam by us, saw lots of tropical fish and big schools of fish. The fishing in the morning was nice caught fish left and right, a real big fish robbed us of some bait fish, making the reels scream spooling out line in the afternoon. I decided to bring out the six odd, it was no match for a big tough barracuda. See the Youtube video of a sea turtle.
Click on the google video to watch a battle with a barracuda.

Monday, July 2, 2007

all at one time tarpons & enormous grouper appear

The snorkeling was super exciting the angels and parrot fish where out in force. We saw a nice size nurse shark swim by, the folks who were with me had some wide eyes. At the donut my favorite spot, there was also a bunch of tarpons and a Goliath grouper of mammoth proportion, see the video click below. The fishing was radical caught a ton of fish. A girl battled for some time with a reluctant large barracuda, she said when we finally brought it on the boat, gasping, trying to catch her breath, "for a minutes there i wasn't sure if I was going to make it without help". There was fish flying in the air behind the Delphine doing acrobatics flips and stuff all afternoon. Come get some exhilaration heart pounding stuff here in Key West aboard the Delphine call me now.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

saw huge 300 pound turtle must have been100yrold

The snorkeling was fun, we saw fish darting in and out of the coral canals that look like mazes. Within this living reef it is fun to watch this, it seems to be one of the games the fish play all day long. We caught lots of fish, all you could see was yellow aft of the Delphine, hundreds of yellow tail snappers, swarming like bees on a hive making the water turn yellow around the chum bag. When we went to feed the tarpon by hand today there was a surprise as the gentleman held his fish just below the water, up came a barracuda, you should have seen how quick he moved his hand . There was something huge at my fishing spot today, upwards of 300 pounds, the fish was so big that it was to much for the afternoon charter folks to handle. It bent the rod all the way over down into the water so we brought out the big guns, my six odd Penn. We loaded it up with double hooked bait fish, we didn't get the monster but I look forward to getting him next time. Come join me so we can do this together.

Click on the picture to get an enlarged view of reef from above or [click line below for movie] to see how close we moor near it.