Saturday, September 29, 2007

fish lovers dream playground on atlantics live reefs

The reef was its usual kick ass self, saw a big grouper chasing down his lunch, also a 15 pound yellow jack doing the same. It was easy pickings for these fellows with the thick schools of fish just barly out a mouth's reach. We watched as they rocket through the large schools, small fish jetting left and right out of the way of their open jaws. Hovering about the reef we saw a few barracuda and some tropicals, we all got some great pictures the energy level was high when we reached the boat everyone yelping out there snorkel excerpts of what a great snorkel it was. The rods did some work today for my rod reeling shipmates, scoring a few nice fish. The most fun are the big fish to reel in, also to hang out with them for the photo op. Its always a treat to handle these large sea creatures, they can be tricky to get but no match for my shipmates today. The nurse shark had wrapped the line on the reef thinking we would break it off so he could get away, On 99 percent of fishing boats he would have gotten away, fortunately one of my shipmates grabbed his snorkel stuff dove down 20feet untangling his escape. We saw sea turtles, dolphins and many more of natures creatures, loving this awesome ocean. Come show some love call me, capt chuck 305 619 0731 its only 69 a half day

Thursday, September 27, 2007

alan reaches inside goliath grouper for are hook

Amazing describes the far out sea adventure for this couple, they stayed right with me cruising the reef. There were large schools of yellow tails and grunts in the valleys amongst the coral landscape. A big grouper waited under the reef and behind a sea tree, I don't doubt ever hungry for these masses of fish that are his food. The fish today were bait thieves, they were fastest, stealing the bait off are hooks like it was going out of style. It's like they gave it a yank, saying send more down, after they eat our bait. Alan battled a cuda and later his girl friend reeled in a nice Goliath grouper, you can't take them out of water under the new rule. Alan took out the hook and off he went, this new rule is a good thing, these big groupers can be temperamental taking them out of water can kill them.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

unbelieving nurse spelbound we played in&out water

Slipping into the water like a comfortable shirt, we were greeted by tons of yellow tails having a ball, dancing about in the shade of the yacht. One of the snorkelers spotted a nurse shark laying around we had fun taking pictures and interacting with him. We also saw lots of tropicals and all the reefs splendor. The fish inhaled the chum like their were eating their last meal, burying their noses tightly together that make a solid mass of fish, you could practical walk around our Stern. The rod screamed, followed by the spinning of a fast reeling hand, after a short bit, we realized its hung up on the bottom. Let me grab my mask but when I hit the water I saw a cuda, scurrying of to the abyss, made my way down the line and now I could see a nurse shark in the distance in the direction the line. I yelled its a shark then swam down and untangled the line. As I pulled upon the line there was a lot of commotion beneath the coral head, than out came a 40 pound black grouper. I yelled back, its a black grouper, the line was still stuck however so I swam down pulling on it and out came a monster Goliath grouper. I pulled the line up some clearing the coral entanglement with this feisty big fellow no such luck he dragged me around the reef for a snorkel sleigh ride and eventually he coughed up the fish.when i was grabbing a breath moments later Back on board the rod was screaming making then married couple step up, husband power reeling and wife help holding the pole and chair. After sometime the fish went under the boat, that's when soon to be wed couple, jumped in moving the rod one of the engaged couple clearing the fish from under the boat, while the other worked the net. Great team work by all this nurse shark didn't have a chance. It was a good thing that Goliath group coughed up the bait fish. [bring your family lets see if they can be a fishing team, see video]

Friday, September 21, 2007

island day with no charter work on yacht & bar hop

The ocean turned a wild shade of green at the beach as I peered out on the Atlantic from my bar stool in the shade. The wind picked up and made for a refreshing feeling. as I was sipping on some cold drinks I could see a silver back around 40 pounds working the fish at the beach, beating his tail violently splashing on the surface ,as he inhaled unsuspecting small fish. This was his turf, I am pretty sure. I know this fish, he has been caught half dozen times on the beach pier by Angeles in the shallows here. I thought I should be sailing my sloop as I gandered about with a distance glance, looking far far away to the flags dancing wildly in the southern blue sky.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the wind like a fan blowing on us making us comfy

The people loved the snorkeling, they said it was just awesome, unfortunately I did not have a chance to see the reef today I stayed in the boat. The fishing was a tad slow I think something big and hungry was hanging out scarring the fish away. Everybody caught a few fish, we had a line bit off that was solid steel wire, this confirmed my thinking about a big hungry fish about.

Friday, September 14, 2007

waters around key west better than the caribbean

Its unreal the beauty I see out of my eyes each day here in paradise, its something that overtakes you to the point that you actually say to yourself, wow beautiful beyond imagination. We get over 250 good days of boating off key west each year. The water was super clear, calm as could be, making it a awesome playground for all my fun loving passengers. We caught lots of fish, everyone loves my fishing spots, I guess most folks are not use to catching fish so easily and in such abundance. Catching big fish is really fun, its usually one of the big highlights of the charter, they make for fun photo ops.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

clear deep bluewater all around pleasurable yachting

The reef had tons of fish, untangled in its magnitude of cracks and crevasses are sea plants and fans. Feeling safety in numbers and the abundance of food, is what draws all these fish to this unique ocean habitat. The hooks did there job well today, hooking quite a few fish, one big fish had us all excited for while. We ended up with a healthy bucket of fish which made the tarpons very happy when we feed their hungry mouths by hand. It was neat how they did not seem to mind us right there, patting their silver backs, like puppy dogs and filling there big eyed bellies.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

cruiseship people jump ship to snorkel&fish with me

The reef was its usual clear beautiful self, its a pleasure visiting this huge living entity, out in the Atlantic ocean in Americas Caribbean here in key west. The fishing was its usual incredibility, slamming fish left and right we had a nice bonnet head on the reel made for a nice battle. Next landed a nice black grouper, mmm they make for a tasty dinner. Come to key west and catch your own dinner, most restaurants will cook it for you or you or give it to me, Capt Chuck never gets sick of grouper. Call me, lets snorkel and fish 305 619 0731

Saturday, September 8, 2007

barefoot we diped into a sea of clairity fish infested

Diving in this location we found some neat coral and different sea sculpture of all types and there was a ton of fish enjoining the beautiful summer day. It's defiantly one of my favorite times of the year. The fish are also aware of the good seasons in that their own happy fish minds, I think. We caught lots of fish and a nice cuda. One young lady on board really enjoyed battling a strong fish, she huffed and puffed and finally brought it in. After this fierce confrontation we jumped in the water for a minute, to see a grouper swimming along the bottom. An eminence amount of Key West Atlantic fish, relishing the awesome day.

Friday, September 7, 2007

skimming reef i ran into nurse head on doing same

We swam along watching the fish fluttering about. I was as close as I could get to the reef with my camera, just inches above the coral skimming the reef taking pictures, when I meet up with a nurse shark with his mouth open sucking in small fish. I heard they could suck a conch out of a shell. lots of smaller fish are sucked up with his vacuum cleaner type action skimming the reef
The fishing yacht goers today loved the eager hook, eating lips of unsuspecting fish one after another making us all real happy especially when they were having a conversation I heard. I was told that he had never caught a fish in salt water before. As I watched him reel in a nice black grouper it was a real treat, however one foot from the boat in front of all to our surprised eyes a huge barracuda wanted it more and took a huge bite leaving only the head. We were robbed, just a moments away from our netting him, however he went on to catch more fish as did the others, good fun feeding the tarpon by hand.--------------------------------- CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE

Thursday, September 6, 2007

rare to see reef shark calms enough for great picture

The fishing was outstanding, catching fish left and right and filled the bucket with fish. We had a few big hits, one was this shark that had quite a bit of fight in him for one joyful female angler aboard the boat. She had her hands full with this feisty fellow. After we landed it she had the fun job of holding this worn out tiered squirming flapping Caribbean reef shark, no hands lost ,dont try this at home

We jumped in when we saw a huge turtle and I dove down and looked under the coral ledge and saw a bunch of groupers and one huge Goliath. Than to our surprise a 2 or 3 hundred pound nurse shark swam by making for a real awesome site for our mask peering eyes.

Monday, September 3, 2007

summer day what you want to do lets catch lobster

We all set out, with our lobster tickle sticks and stuff really stoked for are future hunt. When looking around underwater next to our boat we saw a big nurse lounging right below are anchored spot. I knew this fellow, he has given me a pissed of glances in the past ,I guess its my usual bag of his food in my hands on his turf. As we took turns diving the jagged drop offs, working along it some neat sea creatures were doing the same thing. We saw a big fish, one 60 pound grouper and 150 plus pound tarpon both freak you out big Wise. You can't help but be surprised with something uprearing in front of you all at once huge size. I saw a Caribbean crab pissed off when we roasted him from his cave a very feisty fellow with his big claws snapping about. Our lobster dinner was sure tasty,so good with butter.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

sea of tranquility brings fish to are EYES&HANDS

This SUMMERS DAY was like a day on the TV show Flipper, diving in and swimming with a nice size sea turtle right of the reef. Peeking with its usual crazy amount of fish about in its magnitude and extreme verity of fish in their habit.
Fish thick on our chum bag as we hooked fish left and right then had fun later watching the tarpons devour the fish that we had caught. The folks from my charter skittishly feed by hand.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

atlantic showed us fun beyond are wildest dreams

CLICK ON PICS TO MAKE----BIG plunged into clear blue waters tons of fish could be seen in all directions. The sun made the water transparent as could be, a few yellow jacks swam by, I have a picture. Yellow jacks are actually fairly large although they don't look that big in the picture. They are also very good to eat and a great sport fishing fighter. A nurse shark was laying about the people snorkeling with me were tickled, snapping some pictures.
The fish were no match for the quick reacting angelers, slamming fish left and right the girls and boys alike. The live bait made the rod scream, one jump and 5 or ten minutes later a nice size cuda was caught. We later dove in and swam with with him, he seemed to look at us in admiration, still catching his breath after reviving him and letting him go to enjoy another day to eat and play in the Atlantic Ocean of Key West. [see the video below catching the cuda.]