Friday, May 30, 2008

Turtle swims to us plays with us like a puppy dog

It sure is like a dream, swimming and snorkeling in a huge big blue sunny paradise, known as the Key West Atlantic Ocean. A huge 300 pound tarpon eats another camera from the unsuspecting person in my party, hold onto your camera while feeding the tarpon while on my trip. Call now or email me.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

water in a deep blue shade surounded the delphine

What clear blue water it is here off of Key West, it sure is nice swimming in a blue tranquil sea with so much going on, fish everyplace your eyes wounder. I played with a nurse shark a few times. Every time I dove down to untangled the fishing line hooked to his mug this thrifty nurse shark would wrap around something new looking for anything protruding on the ocean floor. Eventually we had a major tug-of-war at a big Coral head, he won. We brought in a bunch of fish, all loving this Caribbean like day.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

boy of six year lands grouper as 1st fish ever caught

Today watching these two young boys, ages six and 11yrs old, making their dad proud as they landed fishes left and right. The youngest was standing on a stool slamming unsuspecting fish, he was a quick learner. Teaching him was easy, after he caugh his 1st fish, a nice black grouper. Swimming was fun we spotted a tarpon hanging out. We caught a lot of fish to feed the tarpons later on.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

why not snorkel fish the best reef in the lower keys

What great things we saw aboard the Delphine, as we snorkeled and fished some of my favorite reef spots. We all really loved hanging out with the sea turtles both in the morning and the afternoon. It was a day of fun swimming along side my friendly turtle pals, there home is your home. Lets visit some turtles together, give me a call.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

wow 12 foot fish caught swam with lots of huge fish

Out we went, seven miles out, upon arriving at the reef a treasure ship was looking around with divers. When we dove in it was awesome, a school of huge sported eagle rays swam by, three were at least over 50 pounds with wing spans as wide as my hands. The spread of they wings, soring like eagle above the coral 20 or 30 huge tarpon swam near us chilling with one another,fish love to mate at the reef, and its mating seasion for the tarpon latley Later that day we were catching something tasty for dinner that was the objective and that's just what we did. Dad slammed a bonnet head big enough for a family of five to happily feast on. He was packed ice in there cooler for his voyage to their dinner table. After a half hour battle we landed a 12 foot nurse shark, it weighed so much three men could not lift it any higher than this picture then we let him go. I try not to hurt my nurse shark buds although I heard they taste OK, lucky for them we are like family.

Monday, May 19, 2008

huge spotted eagle ray makes home at my spot

It sure is thrilling to see a large ray soaring along, the gang of 5 snorkelers today never snorkeled before or for that matter they never boated or fished, this was brand new to them. Also having patience was a complement I received for everyone, working one by one coaching each of them how to snorkel. We all swam the reef, a big new resident eagle ray soared by us. Teaching is something I am working on with my NAUI instructors for scuba diving this is good fun. Today was prettily challenging, but very satisfying, seeing their happy faces as they all caught fish making for some happy tarpon snacks. The gal that landed this nurse shark snorkeled the reef, but had never swam before, wow what a day for her.

Friday, May 16, 2008

how can every key west day be so incredible

What a ball I had snorkeling and fishing with some fun loving folks. Truely, I am lucky to be with people in such a good mood, at their best, laughing joking and smiling. Its pretty easy to be in such a good mood, I guess, when all the southernmost beauty is smiling back at you from everywhere. The snorkeling was awesome and it was really exciting at the end of the day when we caught a 150 pound plus nurse shark. One of my shipmates jumped ship while we were reeling in this huge fish. He was having a ball taking pictures and swimming next to it in the water as all his friends said, they would never do that, and watched in amazement. Only on my charters can things go to the next level, come check it out or give me a jingle.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

whicked awsome experiances every ounce of ocean

We jumped into an impressive amount of beautiful fish, a sting ray was trying to hang out with us. We swam around him like Pavarotti taking pictures of movie stars, he gave us a some nice pictures than low and behold a friendly turtle hung out with us as well. He was checking us each out. The fishing was great we caught a nice cuda, he put up a fierce battle. Three nice fish made it back for happy folks planning on having them for dinner.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

splish splash we swam lots under the hot keys sun

Can you imagine the ultimate water adventure, well come join us as like today. It was an expectational fun day, stuff every one would never forget. So come out on the Delphine with Capt Chuck for your ultimate adventure.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

lucky swim hard against a large ray as opponent

Making our way to sea from the bridge we could see a small ray swimming below, little did I know that later I would be getting a workout swimming with one about my size. We were amazed at their unique look, especially the head as we raced side by side both having a ball. If he wanted, he could have left faster than the speed of sound but no we swam together shoulder to shoulder. Its truly memorable, come join me for a swim with one for a totally awesome day here in the only Caribbean island in Florida. Some jacks came by, I thought wow what a easy shot with my camera bet it would be the same with a spear gun. My camera is made by Sea Life its 6.0 meg pix, all my pictures are taken by me Capt. Chuck. Buy one and come take some bad ass pictures with me at the reefs.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

little girl of six swims the reef and catches 5 fish

Its always fun to swim the reef, small kids are thrilled with the oceans beauty though mostly scared but holding a hand of a loved one. Its better than any amusement park, great fun for people of all ages. Watching this young girl set the hook on the fish like a expert was amazing, her dad stood near by catching 5 black groupers it was great fun for the whole family aboard the Delphine.