Sunday, May 31, 2009

lets chase fish bigger than us around the reef all day

Its exciting swimming with huge tarpons and there are plenty hanging around the reef the past few days. They have no enemies not even humans since they don't eat them there only threat is sharks. I was upside down standing on my head inches from the bottom in a fox hole taking pictures of tarpons as they came down it at me from the unclear distance and out of ocean fog this shark came trailing a tarpon. shocked was the expression I clearly read on his face, I bet I looked funny upside down luckily he skittishly turned. Because of the shutter delay this is what I got, looking up at his mouth would have been better picture believe me you would have peed your bathing suit.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vandenberg sinks as I watched want to see it to

Just a calm, fun days enjoying the good life. Ever scuba or want to scuba, fish, snorkel, sight see or swim call me. Lets do the Vandenberg.

VIEW from THE CHANNEL MARKER IN FRONT OF MY BOAT SLIP vandenbergs in the distace


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

swimming with jacks nursesharks turtles goodfishing

What a thrill looking on both side of you (all around you), nurse sharks and yellow jacks teaming up on the unsuspecting prey. Swimming alongside, you have become one with the school and joined a hunting party.

this nurse shark in above picture charged me ,I have had this happen before its scary but very thrilling Swimming with my turtle bud was great, he posed for a few shots, he seemed happy and quite full. Seeing how there was jellyfish everyplace, just the clear egg shaped ones, harmless to us but a tasty treat for my turtle bud.

Tomorrow in the morning the Vandenberg will be sunk to make the most expensive, biggest warm water artificial reefs in the world.

Nice how its right next to my fishing and dive site, right in my own back yard. You can see it in the background while snorkeling. The girl with the camera mask is snorkeling in front of the Vandenberg.

I took another picture at my fishing spot, its a big white surveillance ship. We were the first to snorkel in the same water as her, since the tugs just arrived with her.

Fishing, we came in with a dozen or more fish. The Vandenberg wreck should be a great new spot for fishing, come join me.

Monday, May 25, 2009

thinkmg wow theres that spotted eagle ray again

I have been enjoying these island laid back days, snorkeling and fishing. I found some great new spots for diving and fishing off the beaten track with infrequent if ever any interaction with humans at this spot. The fish look back in amazement as if we were aliens, looking at us curiosity, coming close and closer to see more clearly this funny looking creature swimming in the ocean with them lately. Catch dinner at the end of the spear (or rod), Key West rules, come join me. It has been easy and comfortable yachting the good life. Get out of your 24 kt bird cage, e-mail me now, lets go. Its been like a big lake at sea lately, no waves to speak of, its out of this world ocean fun.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

fun snorkeling & fishing key wests best with me

It was a thrill a second snorkeling the reef, I watched a remora hang with one of my shipmates clinging to him the whole time, as if he was a large fish. Its weird but it happens every once in a while. Getting out of the water is the only way sometimes to lose these fellows, I can see why stingrays jump in the air sometimes to get rid of there hitch hiking remoras.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

can you imagine 200 pound fish swimming aound u

Its that time of year, the tarpons come visit the reef, some people say its to mate, we were lucky and saw the first one today. I guess it was looking to hook up for a little tarpon nasty.
Fishing was fun we caught lots of fish, brought in 8 or 10. While we were fishing, somehow a half full beer fell in the water, we all watched in amazement as a large barracuda curiously attacked it. Crunch went the can, as he chomped on it umm Budweiser.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

fun loving folks jump on delphine for way outasight fun

Enthusiastically we hit the water for some snorkel fun and covered a lots of areas. We then quickly boarded the Delphine and jetted over to a near by reef. Had a ball fishing catching plenty for their dinner. Looking down over the stern I spotted a yellow jack, I said to one of my shipmates take this spear gun and go get it and then off he went with success.

Later one of my crew mates decided to feed a 200 pound tarpon a fish while holding it in his mouth rather than his hand,luckily his tongue was in his mouth when he did.