Tuesday, March 31, 2009

finally calm seas just atlantic extreme fun stuff

We snorkeled with queen angels, I watched a parrot fish burdened with a large sucker fish half his size, see the picture.

Funny creatures, Romeras, had one taking a liking to me one time while I was snorkeling and I had to get out to loose the sticky fellow. I also watched two pork fish provoke and chase one another, as if they said caught me if you can as they darted around in a somewhat tranquil environment.
Caught 60 different fish, or more such as a grouper, runners, mackerel, sharks, Spanish and french grunts and some snapper. Some of the fish we let go, like the sharks some we feed to the huge tarpon out of our generous hands. The tarpons are waiting for your hand outs, come lets catch some fish for them or dinner for you.

Monday, March 23, 2009

fishing in a nice calm spot made my shipmates fun

we slammed 30 or 50 fish, one nice grouper and a mean green eel that slithered around the boat making us dance. We had a ball feeding the tarpon, one ate my camera, fortunately I yanked it out of his belly however he hit me in the jaw making me bleed, just a small cut. Check out the video.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

where you have good living, you have good fun, join me

We are 240 miles off 0f Miami and snorkeling 7 miles off Key West, yes you, with me and soon you will hear it for real the sounds throught your ears just like you were above water. However these sounds are of the reef. Maybe you think you can not hear under water but you would be wrong, try it for yourself. Try out this most diverse reef which is part of the third largest living organism in the world. See it for real not on a video.

It's magic having a 200 pound plus fish eat out of your hand, it is a thrill. A few big ones beat us up today fishing making us work real hard biting of the lewers with their Atlantic ocean sharp teeth. We had many thrills about 15 fish or more made it to the tarpon monsters happy bellies. It's was fun to watch my shipmates pat these huge creatures like loving puppy dogs at my tarpon feeding spot. They were reaching over from above with a fish in hand just waiting for the tarpons to snack it up. It is cool how thousands of people watched my video on youtube its name is called feeding a 300 pound tarpon by hand if you would like to see. Why watch it came join me and live it..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

can you imagine tales you can tell on the delphine

yes, it was super incredible on the Atlantic, like your wildest dreams come true, totally America's Caribbean. I hurriedly put my gear together and slipped in, ahhh, the water was a comfy temperature and then it was super clear, fish everyplace. I think of it as a giant aquarium. I came across a lobster I stared at him for a bit and thought to myself, I better get out and catch some lobster season will be over in a few weeks. Next I came across a big yellow jack I though, wow wish I could shoot him with my spear gun. I sure have changed my way of thinking after eating seafood so much when ever I see stuff lately I think how good it would look on my dinner plate, not its beauty so much anymore.

Monday, March 16, 2009

blue water tons of fish feeding playing with huge fish

Had a nice snorkel, we saw a lot, it was a great experience I could go on and on about our great time. The reef water is shallow, maybe 3 feet and is the best reef in Key West. Fortunately not many boats really come here much, lucky for me they stay at the reefs closer to where they are docked on the island, like the Dry Rocks reef area or Sand Key Reef.
We came in shore and fished in the channel, hooked up with lots of fish, one nice grouper and this shark that had a short photo opp on board the Delphine until we let him go. No one was hungry for shark today, lucky for him

Friday, March 13, 2009

sighting key west catch a tiger by the toe at the reef

A bit of wind blew some healthy baby blue waves across the reef and a tiger shark, a rare sight here, but when the wind blows like this I have seen sharks other than nurse sharks. What a thrill to be swimming in the same water as these magnificent creatures. I do have to say its very unlikely that you will see one judging by the few I have seen. The sea brought dolphins and turtles near the Delphine throughout the day. I truly had a ball at sea, I am truly lucky to enjoy the extreme beauty and fun this world has to offer. Come join me, you to can experience this charge of fun, call me now lets explore paradise together.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

think you have seen real tropical beauty try key west

yes, they say pictures say a thousand words, however words can not describe swimming next to angels and massive schools of brilliant colored fish in the blueish turquoise ocean reef gardens off Key West.

One of my favorite sights was a happy sea turtle hovering and busying himself with the small things, like minuscule ocean creatures, the reef stuff that we really don't see its so small . Hooked up with a nurse shark he was really reluctant but he was no match for me and Delphine's shipmates. I had to swim down and drag him to the stern, we had a quick photo op and off he went happily

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

real southernmost reef fun off this tropical island

aah, as I sit here the smell of fresh fish permeates the air, it is enough just getting to play in the ultimate play ground but I am also having some tasty treats from the sea for dinner. Life is good. I saw my manatee friends this afternoon, they have been hanging out a lot, after they met they have been together ever since.

The water was nice, bluish and clear saw some squids swimming together like soldiers marching. They stayed in sync as I followed them around for some pictures. Lots of angels and thousands of fish teaming at the reef and we spotted a huge nurse shark chilling, it was cool to see him have not seen to many lately. We landed lots of fish and at the end of the day I jumped in nailed a nice mackerel, it was really tasty.

Oh yeah a 350 Pound Goliath grouper came up while we were feeding the tarpon and snagged a treat from one of my shipmates

Saturday, March 7, 2009

every thing was key west time

Even this mantee loving couple were on Key West time.

Caught a bunch of fish and had a nice relax day tight to the Key West coast.

Friday, March 6, 2009

just fun fishing keys breeze&sun a just shorts day

veroom...... as I turned each ignition key, we happily started out for our fishing expedition off of Key West. Soon we had a cool triple header, dinner for three, a true conch dish. These lucky folks had there own kitchen to sample their catch. Then we shared some of our sea bounty with some tarpon that hungrily took our catch generous out of our hands and into their mouths. It's good to have the tarpons back, they had left for a bit enjoying deeper warmer waters would be my guess.here is a tarpon picture from the other day, this could be your hand ,call now