Saturday, January 24, 2009

southernmost reef knock the bottom out tropical bliss

I stared out, looking to the far horizon where the Atlantic meets the sky and thought to myself as I eat a hard boiled egg, Great I will be fishing and snorkeling out there today, a well needed charter, I really missed this kind of fun. Yes, lots of fish were caught while enjoying a sunny trip off key west, it was at least 70 degrees today. It is one of the warmest spots in the frosted United States at the time of year.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

can you imagine a job with untold beauty all around

yep, Capt Chuck sure is the luckiest guy in the land, we swam the reef seeing three kinds of angels and lots of fish were chilling in there usual perches. As we made are way on the Delphine to a nice fishing spot to scoring a bunch of nice yellow tails, which made a nice dinner for the family,my turtle bud or one of his brothers swung by to say hi. While we were fishing, he was doing the same, it was just a brief few minute encounter. Its always nice to sea their flippers flapping and heads bobbing

Friday, January 9, 2009

my neighbor says, hay chuck, lets snorkel and fish

Its amazing how clear and nice it is at my reef year round, the water is around 70 degrees, it rarely gets colder than that fortunately. After swimming around for a few minutes its fine, a bit invigorating at first. We came across my turtle bud today I was just thinking of him we have not seen each other in awhile,and then there he was it totally made my day. After I docked the Delphine, I set out on my kayak it was great I made my way tight along the mangroves surprised and startled a spotted eagle ray, he jumped clear out of the water right in front of me. It was cool and nice as I made my way through the mangrove tunnels what a great workout, come borrow my kayak you will love it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

woooooo the wind wind blew as we steamed to sea

Lets catch some fish as we all tried to balance in the cockpit of the stern aboard the Delphine as she swayed on the open seas rolling by as we ready our rods. Out went the chum bag and the fish began flying over the transom stern rail , throwing them in the bucket one after another. Hooked up with a bonnet head that made a fool of us while trying to net. We all had a good laugh. My shipmates were over joyed, psyched to have him cooked and served to them with sides and a tasty drink at a comfy restaurant for dinner.

Monday, January 5, 2009

curiosity and imagining ocean treats brought us out

Lets have fun and enjoy the best that Key West's ocean Paradise has to offer. that's just what we did aboard the Delphine until the sun went down. It sure is cool to have my fellow shipmates big bright eyes gleaming with enthusiasm as we climb aboard after a glimpse of the third largest living organism and its world of extreme beauty.

Fishing was fun stuff catching at least 40 fish and one mean nasty barracuda that jumped 5 feet in the air and was very reluctant to come aboard for his photo opp.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

veroom delphine diesels started,set coarse due south

My shipmates embraced the ocean in all its eminent beauty, snorkeling with nurse shark, angels and countless other sea creatures.

Fishing was its usual insanity, catching fish after fish. Caught a barracuda, he was fun to bring in raising all our heart beats.