Wednesday, October 24, 2007

it seemed like it was fantasea fest for the fish

Fun stuff being able to swim along with a very close family of sting rays, holding wings. We enjoying the sunny comfortable fish enriched waters and embracing the reefs warm waters.
Saw a black grouper family doing the same family day at the reef I guess.
The fishing was good we put quit a few fish in the bucket. There was a 27 pound grouper who gave a girl a serious thrashing and filmed it on a DVD for her, she was really happy to know she could play it in her DVD player at home. Give me a call, lets go on out and burn one for you. 305-619-0731------------------------------------CLICK ON PICTURE

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

someone said your trip is really like your blog says

Myself and some spirited fun loving shipmates swam the reef, sweeping along the huge healthy live reef listening to the music of the Atlantic's happiest animal. Its fun watching the varies sea creatures doing their chores, surviving I guess. You would call it feeding on one another, doing the food chain thing. An eight and nine year old and their parents swam along the surface above a small nurse shark with me for at least 10 minutes watching it do its thing. Its dynamic body was contracting and contorting its body, thrusting graciously through the water, it was fun beyond the kids wildest dreams as they held their parents arms tight thrilled yet scared.

The fishing was good to everyone as we watching the kids catch a fish, all of it fun. We used treble hooks today making it super easy, three hooks in one, a fish's worst nightmare. Bait thieves beware, as we snagged them in the act of thieving off our baited hooks, no stealing, not a chance aboard the Delphine today. A nice strong cuda jumped 20 foot in the air getting a long applause from us almost the whole time it sored, the flying seemed like it was in slow motion. A day of extreme fun awaits you, call me Capt Chuck. I know it sounds hard to believe so come and live the dream its reality sometimes you have to pinch yourself to see if it is real. 305 619 0731 --- CLICK ON PIC TO SEE NURSE SHARK--

Thursday, October 18, 2007

smooth seas screaming ultra beauty overwhelming eyes

I started the day opening my eyes and saying, good morning God, then I jumped out of bed like it was Christmas and got the yacht ready to head out to sea for a day of extreme Atlantic fun. The reef water was really clear, my fish friends were chilling in there normal stomping grounds there were also a few jelly fish around making you really pay attention. We made our way around the reef like a bike or jog through a favorite park or haunt, one of the highlights was a sting ray chilling on the bottom like a rock. As we got right up on him, he took off like a scolded dog, man they can move fast. Fishing was fun, it was one of those days that every few minutes we were throwing another fish on the boat deck. In the afternoon we hooked up with a healthy reef fish and just like yesterdays the fish are so big that my over sized nets can't handle it. Ordering a custom net, help me net a monster, way out on the Atlantic reef, where the big fish play, call me 305 619 0731

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

it doesnt get much better snorkeling&FISHING fun

a We slipped in the water, making our way to the coral forest, alive with its usual inhabitants. A nurse shark came swishing by giving us, a playful show, scanning the reef for something tasty. The water was a nice temperature and super clear making the snorkeling outstanding. It was neat to watch the fish checking us out, curious just like us, with their wondering eyes, sometimes following fus or a bit for a closer peek.
Fishing was out of site we were catching fish every few minutes . The first bait fish we sent out was gobbled right up by a cuda, who put on a nice dance show ,walking on top of the water a few times for us. A large nurse shark gave us a great battle as a fun loving couple took turns reeling in this reluctant monster. Netting the monster was really hard because of his hugeness, I needed help to pick him up and into the boat.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Delphine Charters.... snorkeling and fishing

picture yourself enjoying the good life in sunny key west, you really want to go call me 305 619 0731

Sunday, October 7, 2007


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Thursday, October 4, 2007

spotted eagle ray follows Delphine out the channel

We plunged in spellbound by the extreme beauty in this perfect temperature water. One of the couple with me actually used up three underwater cameras, looking, thinking to herself as she squeezed the trigger thinking to herself this is awesome.
We caught plenty of fish, as soon as our first bait fish hit the water it was attacked. It was fun to look down at the water surrounding the boat and enjoying the play by play action. Jumping in for a closer look every now and again, see the movie and come join me and the third longest living organism for some real fun on and in the Atlantic.


Check out these pictures that one of my passengers sent me that they took.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

the wind subsided the reefs came alive with fish

It was nice to see once we reached the reef areas that the visibility was still quite good. My grouper acquaintance was looking over his fish smorgasbord and didn't seem to mind posing for a few pictures for us. Later we came across a Nassau grouper, a handsome fellow sporting his pretty cool tiger stripes look.
The fishing was alright, everybody caught three or four fish each. One of my shipmates, Sarah, brought her spear gun and shot a barracuda, immediately the spear gun buoy floater raced across the top of the water with the line running , however strangely the spear went right through him. She next shot a mangrove snapper, we called her over a few times while she was in the water because our lines were stuck on the bottom and she happily dove down and to the bottom and freed them up. One time it was a Goliath on the end of the line, the second time she yelled back to us on the boat, its a green Morry eel. Than she let out a loud scream, it shocked us all. Her sister Rachel looked at me oh no, the eel bit her but she quickly swam over to the swim platform looked up and said quick hand me my benzine a jelly fish stung me in the butt. She cowboyed up and we all continued having fun fishing and diving