Saturday, November 15, 2008

lets go spear some fish & we all became seahunters

The sea laid down and off we went to a spot that allowed us to spear fish. We saw a huge ocean trigger who swam by than a nurse shark went by and I followed him for a bit. I enjoy swimming with the big fish they make for good company. Next we saw a sting ray and swam with him for a short bit, but they can swim really fast. Later we put out the rods and caught a bunch of fish before we headed in I grabbed my spear gun and off I went almost immediately, lucking out a school of mackerel passing right in front of me and I took my shot and hit him but it just nicked him. A few minutes later I came across a bunch of jacks and this tine I made a nice shot and got him right in the head, wow he swam violently impaled with my spear in circles. The barracudas were around and they saw my kill and started to charge him, I quickly pulled in the line attached to the spear, held my spear above the water and headed back to the yacht. Just ate it a few minutes ago, ummm good, come catch or spear some fish with me, call now.

Friday, November 14, 2008

blue water, the gulf stream was near, great snorkel

We had a nice snorkel, made a short video clip for you. Fishing was great one of the highlights was a grouper that ate are bait fish and than a bigger grouper ate him, finally this two tailed fish came apart and two happy groupers briskly swam opposite ways both to live another day.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

hungrily we all attained increadable ocean adventure

Deadliest catch, Key West I said to my shipmates, as a blast of warm water sprayed my face while at the helm on the bridge of the Delphine. Yes, it was a day of extreme rocking, fortunately we were able to get a good snorkel in the morning and in the afternoon. The gulf stream is in close to the shore right NOW making the water nice and blue. One of the highlights was swimming with a school of mackerel, they are usually quite timid, but today they let me hang out like I was a fellow mackerel.

Monday, November 3, 2008

to sea we all looked happily blue sky warm calm sea

Had some returned customers back to take another adventure aboard the Delphine. The water was clear, calm and nice & warm, what you would expect of America's Caribbean in November. We swam the reef and saw a black grouper that looked white and a queen angel seemed to be hanging out playing with one another. It was a nice swim around, the usual crowd of fish seemed to be about. Later we through out the chum and the reels did some screaming. We brought in 5 or so fish, the big fish however we did not land, so no huge fish pics today.