Saturday, June 28, 2008

the clear blue water way out came in to the reef

We headed out the channel on the Delphine, I said, what do you guys say we fish for a bit before we hit the reef. I tossed the anchor over just past the end of the channel, after about 10 minutes or so we spotted a black tip shark on the surface. Cast the fish that you just caught on the wire leader that I had just made for you over there, I yelled. Wham, he took off, rod whaling, we battled him for quite some time, it was a ball. They also caught a ton of fish, than headed 180 degrees due south. My eyes light up as I glanced out to sea in the area near the reef, the blue water was in This means only one thing, crystal clear water, this was a big surprise because its has been blowing pretty hard the past few days. So I was not expecting much. I couldn't wait to get in the warm clear blue ocean, instantly making my way through the schools of fish, I sure felt lucky to enjoy such a stellar day, you can enjoy a day here as well, we get over 250 good boating days a year, give me a call.

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