Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I have been to the caribbean this is better u will agree

I woke up and looked out across the ocean, out into the never ending abyss, glanced at the palm trees to see what they were up to, just barely dancing in the bright blue sky. I sighed thought to myself, this is my kinda of day. So we headed out the channel making our way to the reef, 7 miles out. We spotted a turtle floating around in the calm tranquilness. Upon reaching the reef in we went in. It sure is nice playing in the warm giant bathtub of the Atlantic splendor, paddling around the coral wonderland of this magnificence ocean. It was a rush seeing every kind of fish you could imagine, enjoying the summer wonderland with massive schools of Sargent majors, seeing their brilliant yellow black strips. Looking over at my snorkel comrades, one said, this is out of control, just awesome, I agreed. Fishing was non stop, they caught a fish a minute keeping me way busy, making everyone look like a hero. We filling the fish bin aboard the Delphine to feed our tarpon friends.

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