Monday, June 30, 2008

yes sir ree the reef really is amazing sea creature

As we headed east, kicking our fins skimming along in the warm clear blue sea, a small nurse shark swam under us. I could hear the excited voices through the snorkels of my fellow snorkelers, aghast at these scary looking fellows. However they are like big catfish, they have no teeth and are pretty much harmless but able to suck a conch out of a shell. If you look carefully you can see one hiding deep under a coral shelf. The fishing was great, caught over 25 fish that we brought back to the dock to feed the tarpons.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

hurray deep blue water hungry fish everywhere

ahhh, the deep blue clear water, made for a super fun snorkel. There were some big waves breaking further up the reef and a lots of fish struggling to huddle alongside the jagged coral heads. It was a real blast to swim. I was watching a gal taking a picture of a school of black dragons when my eyes opened really wide and to my surprise a 6 foot reef shark shot right by us, mouth open ripping through the school of scrabbling dragons. I can count on one hand how many times I have seen one of these cool looking fellows, they are the kings of the sea. There are over 250 kinds of different types of shark luckily there are only 25 or so that are dangerous, remember more people are killed by falling coconuts than sharks each year. Consider yourself real lucky if you ever get a chance to swim with one of these beautiful, somewhat harmless ocean creatures. Fishing was non stop thrills, one huge fish after another, as soon as we put out the bait fish, baamm, it would get eaten and a major battle would ensue. Filled the refrigerator and a bucket with fish, not bad to do all this in a four hour half day trip.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

the clear blue water way out came in to the reef

We headed out the channel on the Delphine, I said, what do you guys say we fish for a bit before we hit the reef. I tossed the anchor over just past the end of the channel, after about 10 minutes or so we spotted a black tip shark on the surface. Cast the fish that you just caught on the wire leader that I had just made for you over there, I yelled. Wham, he took off, rod whaling, we battled him for quite some time, it was a ball. They also caught a ton of fish, than headed 180 degrees due south. My eyes light up as I glanced out to sea in the area near the reef, the blue water was in This means only one thing, crystal clear water, this was a big surprise because its has been blowing pretty hard the past few days. So I was not expecting much. I couldn't wait to get in the warm clear blue ocean, instantly making my way through the schools of fish, I sure felt lucky to enjoy such a stellar day, you can enjoy a day here as well, we get over 250 good boating days a year, give me a call.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

fla warm ocean says goodmorning in so many ways

Off we went, into the brilliant sparkling Atlantic ocean aboard the Delphine. It sure is nice yachting on a large boat that handles the seas so well. We snorkeled in a tight pack, after 5 minutes or so swimming the surface admiring the thousands of reef fish we came across a Goliath grouper, he was chilling under a coral ledge next to a huge school of unsuspecting fish. They were huddling together unaware of the monster fish who's mouth could eat them easily with one bite. Next we came across my turtle bud who lives in an area the size of a average home lot, almost ever day we see one another. Instead of swimming with us lately he just lounges around on the bottom, making it really easy for everyone to phonograph him. Come take a picture with him, give me a ring 305 619 0731

Saturday, June 21, 2008

can you imagine tales we can tell with no camera

Yes swimming was like this, a large tarpon who was just sitting around at the reef as if he was in a office waiting room. Today's pictures for the blog is open to my shipmates, who will be sending me their picture from their underwater disposable cameras. They will soon be appearing so stay tuned. Yep a nice little cuda snagged by a fun loving boating gal was one of the highlights. Man oh man the cudas tore up our bait. Listening to the rods sing today was great, we caught a large green Morey eel that had my shipmates scrabbling about. As I, capt chuck sees it, I am sure lucky to have these adventure with such incredible, fun loving people. My world is just you guys and my fish buds thanks for reading my stuff.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

if you were a fish where would you live ? key west

Dad and his 13 year old boy made their way out the channel with me out for a magnificent day of snorkeling and fishing. Every few minutes while snorkeling we had large tarpon swimming around us, curious I guess, it's mating season so that is why there was so many about. The young lad had a ball taking pictures of these silver back monster fishes. We had schools of black dragons, all types of angels, his finger was clicking away on the camera. Fishing was great landing lots of fish, the young lad landed a nice size barracuda with some help from his papa,we had a long go of it bringing in this powerful cuda. While taking pictures of the barracuda, I had on another rod with a fish dangling out of the water alongside the boat, what happened next blew all all are minds, something huge jumped out of the water and eat it. With a load noise and a huge splash the rod screamed, we jumped right on it and battled it for a while. but he eventually he bit of the steel leader. Funny how fish can look above the water, I bet they look up at my smiling face all the time.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

travel to a new world & experience its ocean magic

Verooom.. the diesel motors started up and out to sea we went. We went fishing first and everyone caught fish, there were lots of yellow tail snappers and a barracuda that put up a nice battle for a happy shipmate. Snorkeling was awesome everyone agreed, it was the first time for one gal who picked it right up. It really is easy, especially with the snorkel vests I give you. The water was warm, more comfortable than your bath water, clear and loaded with neat sea creatures.We saw a tarpon, he swam by us a few times, he was really big and gave us a great thrill.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

in your back yard what do you see check out mine

Yep, there was a billion fish all flocking around the third longest living organism in the world. Amazing all that lives is drawn to this massive god creation one of my favorite reef Inhabitants is my turtle bud, he played with me today, swimming in a real tight circle, its a fish's way of playing, as well as turtles. We swam as usual two pies in a pod, come join me and my turtle bud, who loves the company, believe me if he did not like hanging out he could disappear in seconds. Turtles are fast in the water, real fast. Fishing was fun everyone caught a fish, the highlight was a large barracuda who eat our bait fish. The rod was screaming as he jumped way up in the air. Fishing in Key West is the mac dad, come and find out what it is like, give me a call at 305 619 0731.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I have been to the caribbean this is better u will agree

I woke up and looked out across the ocean, out into the never ending abyss, glanced at the palm trees to see what they were up to, just barely dancing in the bright blue sky. I sighed thought to myself, this is my kinda of day. So we headed out the channel making our way to the reef, 7 miles out. We spotted a turtle floating around in the calm tranquilness. Upon reaching the reef in we went in. It sure is nice playing in the warm giant bathtub of the Atlantic splendor, paddling around the coral wonderland of this magnificence ocean. It was a rush seeing every kind of fish you could imagine, enjoying the summer wonderland with massive schools of Sargent majors, seeing their brilliant yellow black strips. Looking over at my snorkel comrades, one said, this is out of control, just awesome, I agreed. Fishing was non stop, they caught a fish a minute keeping me way busy, making everyone look like a hero. We filling the fish bin aboard the Delphine to feed our tarpon friends.

Friday, June 6, 2008

deadleast catch keywest style big waves way big fun

Key West gets over 250 good boating days a year, today was big waves, everyone who went out with me today knew what was in store and welcomed the wild ride. It was better than any ride at Walt Disney world. Snorkeling was a bit foggy we spotted a tarpon and there was some various fish about. The water was not its usual clarity but I guess it just makes you appreciate the great days we do get, with the fish all around and super clear water, like you are in a movie. Fishing was great as usual we landed tons of fish. I took a few pictures of the highlights, a 13 year old gal landing a nurse. Then later a bachelor party landed a hammer head that they looked forward to eating later at restaurant, since most restaurants will cook your catch. Plentiful of tasty dinner for all of them.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

is it real or a dream, pinch ,yep its real ,come see

We headed out to sea, brilliant ocean colors all around us, the blue sky reflecting off the water. We came across two turtles by the reef mating, check out the pictures. When they locked up doing the turtle nasty, they can not go underwater. We tried not to get to close or voyeur to long. The reef water was warm and we had a awesome time swimming. Fishing was good, brought back at least half a dozen fish to the dock for some tarpon feeding fun.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

snorkeler & turtle budy gets up close to the camera

Just look at the pictures, yes its real and you can join me for one of these incredible ocean adventures aboard the yacht Delphine. Turtles are an endangered species, to be this close to them is way cool. A grey ocean trigger fish was swimming near by, amazing the way they swim, looks like a sideways bird flapping along, strange. They are very tasty, I ate three big ones one week. The fishing was good, very busy a young lad of 5 was hooking fish left and right. With some help everyone caught plenty. We loved the beautiful blues the ocean was showing today, ahhh just another day in Paradise, came join me, give me a ring

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a magical world of ultamate intertainment up close

Beauty beyond what your eyes have ever seen, having the time of our lives swimming through coral, whole caves thick with schools of a fish many variates to be seen. The folks today had bought some gear and practiced a few times before coming out on the Delphine. It paid of big time, they were swimming like pro snorkelers. We caught fish non stop, tons of yellow tail snapper.

Monday, June 2, 2008

turtle remebers me we all swim together at the reef

Splash we jumped in, swimming the reef is super exhilarating fun. When we reached my turtle's home he seemed happy to see me and my snorkeling gang, but he was busy eating passing round egg shaped jelly fish, the kind that don't sting humans. Its amazing how close you can get to these magnificent sea creatures, you could easily reach out and touche, however its not allowed. There was a few times today this turtle swam less than a few inches from me not minding our presence. Fishing was great, we brought many fish back to the dock