Monday, December 31, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

making way at sea exploring the oceans body& soul

We traveled out 7 miles in calm ocean waters, always a treat, the preferred way to travel over the sometimes turbulent waters we can get this time of year. Its truly awesome to swim and hang out all day in nothing but a bathing suit and a pair of Costa sunglasses. My company today was awesome, as usual, they were swimming the reef which was a ball, spotting a sea turtle and all kinds of tropical fish. Someone said, Captain Chuck, we just were in Saint Croix, this place is way better. I love talk like this, my answer was, I know to bad everyone who comes and snorkels in Key West can't always see it's the best reef because they get stuck in the touristy trips, going to reefs with less diversity than mine .
The fishing was fun landed lots of fish. In the afternoon two young boys four and five caught their first fish, that was cool, they both were quite out spoken and had us laughing at some of their comments as they caught fish faster than some of my other fellow shipmates. The sun bore down on us hard today. Hurry on down and bring some sun block you will need it. Call me now and make a date. Lets have some over the top good times aboard the Delphine, soon.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

perfect everything as we played in & on the atlantic

The water was clear and a bounty of fish were about, as we jetted about the reefs eyeing all kinds of happy reef dwellers like a huge grouper that swam with us for a bit. We saw a big lobster, he would be my dinner, if he wasn't safe in the protected sanctuary confines also saw schools of dragons and a couple of french angels.
We caught lots of fish the 3 young girls especially the youngest (10yrs old) were hooking up left and right. Later back at the dock a huge Goliath, a 200 plus pounder came up for some of our tarpon treats. Check out the video below, an awesome way to spend my X-mass morning .

I would like to thank my friends at Sea-life cameras, all my photography equipment was provided by them, if you want a awesome camera, with a great warranty, they can be your camera friend to

Thursday, December 13, 2007

55 fish brought back to the dock windy sunny fun

My good friend Victoria came out for some fishing adventure, she loves to fish and it showed as she landed a fish a minute. It seemed like the peaceful ocean made for a surreal backdrop as we slapped on tanning oil or sun block and the sun bronzed us all wearing nothing but are bathing suits. We enjoying cool refreshments soaking in this winter day, December in Americas Caribbean. Come feel the warm sun on your body. We feed the tarpon until they were stuffed, they usually head south in the winter, but they feed so good here at my spot they never want to leave. One tarpon around 250 pounds splashed a girl good today covering her face, nothing like getting slapped by a massive tarpon tail.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

shipmates says both days you cant buy this stuff

First thing this morning a man said, its the best day of the year, the man was coming in from the sea standing next to his boat as I headed to buy bait. I thought to myself, he's right, I waiting patently for 5 days for Wednesday's calm sea because the weather report said so. Yes it's true the stuff you see on my trips are so intense; mind, body, soul, sound, feel, its a rush of all these senses. I just love soring through the water weightless. Diving way down today the nurse sharks where fun, they looked at me while they were hooked on the ocean floor, oh no its Capt Chuck, frantically trying to yank out the embedded hooks tangling themselves on the jagged edges that protrude up from the bottom. Swimming down freeing up the two nurse sharks we caught today was fun. After freeing the line up I held on to it and one of the sharks took me on a ride. Come on out, you can try this exciting shark fun. As we looked down through the crystal clear water we freaked out astonished at the yellow jacks, wow are they fast, the reel spooled out line fast as hell today when a jack ate one of our yellow tail bait fish At the end of the day we had a nice bonnet head and a huge bucket of fish for my tarpon buds.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

curios we dove the reef happly we landed lots of fish

We Traveled due south to my favorite spot, unleaded some eager folks to Americas Caribbean most magnificent locations. The temperature of the water was satisfying not to hot nor to cold just perfect. We swim in, it just bathing suits year round here no need for a wetsuit at this toasty Paradise.
It was a thrill every few minutes catching tons of fish, over ten each, later we took all the fish and feed the tarpons. We loved the aggressiveness of the tarpons, grabbing at our dangling fish, that were in our fingers. A barracuda grabbed a fish and gave everybody a thrill but we all kept feeding keeping our eyes watched out for the toothy barracuda who was about. Get some exercise, get ready for a swim at the reef and some rod reeling with me , call me 305 619 0731

Friday, November 30, 2007

does life get anybetter than this incredibly great

nice snorkel, check out video below, enjoyed private club at my marina at night grand adventure on the water awaits call me incredibly

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

family manatee tricky nurse one thrill after another

One day that we will all not soon forget we enjoyed two of the best things Key West has to offer, snorkeling and fishing. Why not reel in a fish and soar through the water along side me, weightless, in a warm sea of Paradise. I watched this 25 minute battle with a reluctant nurse shark that we let go after snapping a few shots. Earlier this smart shark wrapped it's self around something at the reef and hoped that this hasty act of trickery, would allow for his escape, but he was no match for this master angler and my great fishing gear. Its a great feeling, a confidence boost when you pitted yourself up against a fish. Come take one on, let me make it happen for you, guarantied, or your money back, call me, Capt Chuck 305 619 0731

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

intense rollers sway us gently on a calm sea blanket

We jumped in the warm waters and snorkeled the reef. If you want to see some of my journey take a peek, be me and see the fun that awaits your eager eyes and yes its million times better in real life if you are wondering what you will see.
The fishing was great, what fun we had filling the bucket. Later back were we feed the tarpons we feed a huge Goliath, 350 pounds plus, he is a snow bird so its good to see him again. Come meet him its like feeding a whale by hand, he loves feedings out of our hands, he was more fun to feed than the tarpons. Come show some love to my Goliath grouper friend he will blow your mind.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

stingray swims with us in a beautiful oceanwilderness

Two 12 year old girls, made their way to the reef, following me. We all got to swim with a stingray which was the highlight of the snorkeling. We also saw a variety of fish, some angels and blue tangs. The waves thrust us about making it really exciting on the trip out to the reef and as we came in.

The morning fishing was awesome we landed a few groupers, a huge Green moray eel, a good size barracuda and tons of other fish filling the bucket for our feeding the tarpon by hand, fun later.

Friday, November 23, 2007

honeymoon couple enjoys ocean snorkeling& fishing

We plunged into the sea, schools of gaint jacks swiming just inches from us. Its that time of year for these tuna looking fish, to show their faces. Great fishing, landing blue runners, some french and other snapers.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

stingray& baracuda hang out symbiotically working

I was one of the only few boats out at the reef this Thanksgiving Day. The waves tore across the reef with tons of power pushing us around gently, like being tossed across your bedroom. Around me the first time snorkelers hovered at my sides, girls on one of life's most thrilling experiences, when I look about, how spectacular it is for me, its got to be 1000 times better for first timers.
The new treble hooks came in handy, fish had no chance,
Give a person a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a person to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. I like teaching, it didn't take much and at the end of the day all were great fisher persons, filling the bucket ,for the hungry tarpons awaiting are thanksgiving hands, back at there under sea hangout, later each of us individually reached out, putting fish in there mouths
giving tarpons happy full bellies

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

one man lands 30plus fish u could 2 amaze yourself

Just another day in Paradise......, Key West is truly magnificent her sky's and sea matched, like a cool clothing outfit around the yacht. Our island wonders did runway flirting with our eyes all around us. We had some magnificent battles filling the bucket with fish. Nikki my crew and the fishing gentleman's wife, sunbathed in their bikinis basking in the warm south Fla sun. The smell of Hawaiian tropic in the air, listening to music all of us saying to ourselves, ahh yes the good life. Its so awesome to relax, relieve your stress, they say taking a vacation relieves 20 percent for the year. You will be on cloud nine for a awhile, come on, lets go, call me

Sunday, November 18, 2007

very comfy key west sleeping shark snorkel sighting

Its neat to have the sea life react with you, interacting in their own manor, coming closer checking you out as you do the same. I watched this french angel as he comes up to me to say hi its hard to imagine what goes through a fishes head, its like the same thing going through mine, curiosity in a nut shell. Click on the video below, watch and see this phenomenon its as close as you can get to the real thing, but the real thing is million times better in so many ways.
Fishing was a smorgasbord of yellow tails, we through three out as bait on wire leaders. There was some rod battling going on throught the day with the bait fish getting eaten by feirce teeth. hungering for yellow tail snappers. This is one of their favorite survival foods. They carefully take on the challenge out of boardom kind of knowing what is involved in this dangling fancy dinner at the end of our fishing lines baited with hooks. Suspecting what wait, a caught pierce of their body is what they avoid, yet get their food. Today the big fish played us, guess they win some, not when you guys get out there with me. I would have won if I had not run out of treble hooks. Come snorkel and fish with me, with your help we can get beat these monster fish bait thieves.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

rough sea found some folks to cover fuel off we went

My love of this ocean stuff is extreme, most boats stayed in today, not me, I was able to talk some folks into exploring my playground seven miles out to sea. It was over 6ft seas past the reef, hang on folks, better than any ride at Walt Disney world. As the Delphine rocked wildly, hastily as soon as we moored at the reef my body hit the water, leaving my crew girl Nikki to watch the yacht sitting there rocking away. As soon as I hit the water, it was like awww, comfortable, the waters is still warm, it really never gets colder than 70 degrees year round. Really nice compared to a rocking boat a few waves splashed over my head, good thing all my snorkel equipment for me and my people have splash guards. We saw some mammoth groupers couldn't wait to get back to catch some. Fishing was awesome, we came in shore to slay some unsuspecting hungry fish. The current was at slack tide, making it way to easy to fill the fish bucket, the usual rod bending frenzy aboard the Delphine.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

snorkeler swim with gaint spotted eagle ray

what a grand day filled with great fun.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

huge leather back super friendly Turtle around 500lb

I ran into a couple guys on Duval and said lets
go yachting. Wow, what fun we had battling some feisty fish. In all my years of diving I have never seen such a massive turtle, he probably hung out with president Lincoln as a kid. Seeing stuff like this
is such a rush that is so intense.