Monday, June 23, 2008

fla warm ocean says goodmorning in so many ways

Off we went, into the brilliant sparkling Atlantic ocean aboard the Delphine. It sure is nice yachting on a large boat that handles the seas so well. We snorkeled in a tight pack, after 5 minutes or so swimming the surface admiring the thousands of reef fish we came across a Goliath grouper, he was chilling under a coral ledge next to a huge school of unsuspecting fish. They were huddling together unaware of the monster fish who's mouth could eat them easily with one bite. Next we came across my turtle bud who lives in an area the size of a average home lot, almost ever day we see one another. Instead of swimming with us lately he just lounges around on the bottom, making it really easy for everyone to phonograph him. Come take a picture with him, give me a ring 305 619 0731

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