Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last day of the year lets spearfish, fish ,snorkel it

As I reflect back on the calm sea I just enjoyed playing in , I truly feel privileged to have enjoyed such sweet tranquil ocean fun. A nice Amber Jack was caught making for one happy father who planned to bring dinner home for the family.

Lately I have been loaning out some of my spearfishing stuff, glad I did my crew went home with some Yellow tail dinner. I made my way along the reef to Capt Chuck's donut watch the video or last snorkel of the year video below.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

through the port hole I could see palm trees dancing

Lets go out at noon, it was amazing the sea lay down calm as could be making for a extraordinary day of snorkeling and fishing fun. We swam the reef, dumbfounded at the huge masses of fishes congregating around the healthy live coral that springs up so as to be just a few feet below. The visibility was great and lots of shrieks of amazement could be heard bellowing out of my fellow snorkelers' snorkels.

We hooked up with a great spot for fishing, everyone was catching fish it was hard for me to keep up, sometimes three at a time. One of the lines got snagged on the bottom, I decided to dive in and free it up and to my surprise there was a green moray eel on it. I pulled him loose and dragged him near the boat he was very reluctant, fighting hard. The line began hurting my hand so I yelled to the boat reel him in and a 11yr old girl battled away bringing him in for this picture, unfortunately she would not poise with him for the picture, which is completely understandable.

Monday, December 29, 2008

family from holland enjoy sea one thrill after another

We snorkeled the reef and spotted a huge Goliath grouper he was hanging out with a french angel. I enjoyed swimming right up to him, there was also lots of jacks about as well. They are great fun darting all around. We caught a nice shark it made for a great fight.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

it was summer only better ,calm clear blue sea&sky

Dolphins played, the blue sky lit up the Atlantic in a deep blue mirror. We looked down and the bottom was right there, seeming like we were in 3 feet of water not the actual 40 we were really in. The reef showed us tons of brilliant fish, in the afternoon a turtle and a ray were spotted. Fishing was its usual kick butt. Later we brought back to the dock buckets of fish, making for some happy huge tarpons bellies as we feed their massive fish mouths by hand.

Friday, December 19, 2008

all I want is a grouper abra cadabra heres three

Its nice to have the sea make everyone wishes come true. I guess its the x-mas season and to have someone say Capt Chuck I wish I could catch a grouper and then to catch three, wow. I watched him happily head at the end of the trip with his crew down the pier to dinner, with the grouper in hand it was nice. Their dinner was a handsome fish but it made me sad stuffing him into the refrigerator so I thanked him for giving up his life so people could eat him. Snorkeling was all good, I had fun with a giant Goliath grouper though he did not want any company, I guess he was busy hunting and didn't want any attention. Check out his open mouth.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

oh my gosh ,what a awsome adventure it was

Everyone showed up smiling, so eager for what the sea was going to present to our hungry appetites for adventure. First a manatee hung out, giving everyone quite a thrill. A few people were saying wow, they never seen one before. Next we swam side by side with all kinds of neat sea creatures at the reef. First some barracudas, two who stayed with me as I swam and then a large shark with lots of Ramora's clinging to him, this kind of shark is a real rare sight to see at my reef. Then my true favorite came long, my turtle bud, we swam together for 20 minutes or so, he let everyone come in real close for pics. He was a true good sport, truly the is the star of the show.

We caught a nice shark who put up a nice fight and made a lad really happy. A young gal caught a nice grouper and there were tons to fish filled the bucket. Later a gentleman wanted to do some spear fishing and I spied a nice large yellow jack in a school of fish and signaled him over this way. He made a great shoot, spearing him however the jack had incredible power, breaking the line loose. Some barracudas and I chased him down fortunately I got him first,making for an over the top ocean moments for all aboard the Delphine. We made our to port with lots of tasty bounty.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

lets go spear some fish & we all became seahunters

The sea laid down and off we went to a spot that allowed us to spear fish. We saw a huge ocean trigger who swam by than a nurse shark went by and I followed him for a bit. I enjoy swimming with the big fish they make for good company. Next we saw a sting ray and swam with him for a short bit, but they can swim really fast. Later we put out the rods and caught a bunch of fish before we headed in I grabbed my spear gun and off I went almost immediately, lucking out a school of mackerel passing right in front of me and I took my shot and hit him but it just nicked him. A few minutes later I came across a bunch of jacks and this tine I made a nice shot and got him right in the head, wow he swam violently impaled with my spear in circles. The barracudas were around and they saw my kill and started to charge him, I quickly pulled in the line attached to the spear, held my spear above the water and headed back to the yacht. Just ate it a few minutes ago, ummm good, come catch or spear some fish with me, call now.

Friday, November 14, 2008

blue water, the gulf stream was near, great snorkel

We had a nice snorkel, made a short video clip for you. Fishing was great one of the highlights was a grouper that ate are bait fish and than a bigger grouper ate him, finally this two tailed fish came apart and two happy groupers briskly swam opposite ways both to live another day.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

hungrily we all attained increadable ocean adventure

Deadliest catch, Key West I said to my shipmates, as a blast of warm water sprayed my face while at the helm on the bridge of the Delphine. Yes, it was a day of extreme rocking, fortunately we were able to get a good snorkel in the morning and in the afternoon. The gulf stream is in close to the shore right NOW making the water nice and blue. One of the highlights was swimming with a school of mackerel, they are usually quite timid, but today they let me hang out like I was a fellow mackerel.

Monday, November 3, 2008

to sea we all looked happily blue sky warm calm sea

Had some returned customers back to take another adventure aboard the Delphine. The water was clear, calm and nice & warm, what you would expect of America's Caribbean in November. We swam the reef and saw a black grouper that looked white and a queen angel seemed to be hanging out playing with one another. It was a nice swim around, the usual crowd of fish seemed to be about. Later we through out the chum and the reels did some screaming. We brought in 5 or so fish, the big fish however we did not land, so no huge fish pics today.

Friday, October 24, 2008

landed a small hammerhead in the channel

We caught over 20 fish, lots of happy faces as we slew fish left and right. A young man of seven was doing a great job setting the hook on the frenzied hungry fish one.happy shipmate, lands tasty shark dinner t the end of the channel,off they went for a restaurant, most here in key west will cook your catch

Saturday, October 18, 2008

great all the ocean laid flat bluewater sorrounded us

It was the perfect day, if you could have asked for such a day this would have been it. We saw turtles, dolphins, nurse sharks, ocean trigger fish, barracudas, just a plethora of fish. There were some many others that are too numerous to name, check out the Goliath grouper. We had an awesome time.CLICK ON PIC to enlarge

Friday, October 17, 2008

open up your mindl lets go for a wlld key west ride

The weather service said that these are the two best days this week so off we went, it made our day and we were joyed the blue water that was in because of the weather. Before we went into the reef for our adventure I gave my usual speech about the dangers of snorkeling which made my snorkelers stay close. Later there was a wild exciting stir amongst the snorkels, I heard later from the discription that it was a hammerhead that the snorkelers spotted. I said to my shipmates, I DID NOT SEE IT,ONE SNORKELERS SAID IT WAS A BONNET HEAD THEY ARE SMALLER, THE SAME FAMILY AS HAMMERHEADS. We dropped anchor in a calm spot and I looked at my shipmates and said, are you guys out of shock yet, let's fish. Wow, we sure did fill the bucket with 20 plus fish, a large fish eat our bait, but he won today, so we ended up just getting his picture on the surface as eat our live bait.