Wednesday, August 29, 2007

we stoped fishing and jumped in cuda&nurse sharks

Amanda and her fiancee, a return customer of mine, said they scuba dived the day before and it was OK. We were blessed our day was super with clear water. I saw a nurse sharks tail hanging out from under a ledge than I heard a shout "nice size turtle" another diver exclaims. I yelled turtle and we all jetted over, it was to much, and spooked Michael Angelo the big sea turtle. We all agreed later that turtle was big and fast. We had snuck up on him, all of us swimming up on him, he was surprised when he finally looked up at us and bolted. Still we all got a peek of him than the nurse shark I spotted earlier was just getting up from his nap and was heading right at us, we got some great pictures.
The blue water was in every fish we put out as bait and was eaten instantly. Everybody caught a fish or two. We all loved snorkeling unfortunately while fishing the hooks did not set to good and some big ones got away so we jumped in at the end. see the video

Monday, August 27, 2007

it just felt right the ocean reveiled its bluish face

Thank you for reading my blog entrees, I am headed out the channel in my Avon rigid bottom inflatable boat. It was like a flap jack on the griddle, pounding up and in down in the Atlantic waves. I made my way out to the sea dart, my sloop, no charter today so it was a nice windy for a sail. I found myself at the beach for awhile, just looking out into the abyss, key west kicks ass come take a gander with me.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

car takes dip next to my slip great ocean dipin day

Free Parking ........................

Set out in a summer storm with waves slapping the bridge shield every now and again, excited about the dive and fishing. We weathered it for 30 minutes while under way, all of a sudden like magic the seas turned calm. We enjoyed a long expert snorkel all the folks with me had great skills we jammed, with there eyes they spotting a nice fat grouper chilling. We were skimming the reef like sharks searching for food looking all about curiously. All the local resident fish were doing their thing even saw a few lobsters.. Fishing was fun hooked a dozen fish, the girls hooked a fish decided to released their fish My feeling is if you catch it you can do what you want with your catch, use it for bait, take it for dinner, or release it, so join me make your choice with your catch for some kick ass summer fun a exciting day off key west.a

Friday, August 24, 2007

beautiful key west florida day no wind just calm sea

Capt. Chuck, Here's the jumpers I promised to send you. Thank you for a great day Sunday.
We didn't expect a "hands-on" Charter Captain to jump in with us to make sure we had a good time.
It was a special treat for the kids AND the adults that we won't soon forget. Thanks also for the bonus Tarpon feeding.

Charlie Walters & the Gang

Thursday, August 23, 2007

the atlantic lay down it was play land for fish and us l

Dolphins everyplace, surprising us left and right. The wind from Dean left the island waters restored, a colorful coral garden. This playground we plunged into surrounded us in perfect water temperature with an abundance of fish. There were schools of blue runners that looked like they were out for a stroll, about the reef with mom and pop. Also the yellow tails huddling tightly, just chilling, feeling safe hiding amongst themselves. Lots of angels, parrots, nibbling on, a black dragon school wondering aimlessly.

The fishing rods did some bending today. The dolphins swam all around, some divers were near by, even a turtle came by to say hi. Hooked some tricky big fish, we filled the bucket with fish for the tarpon feeding, think you would feed on of these 100 pound plus tarpons by hand?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

fun day of lobster hunting & spear fishing with buds

Lobster hid so well in their ocean habitat almost impossible to see. I was looking for a giant grouper that I saw last week but he wasn't home, good thing for him. Its always a exciting feeling getting a tasty dinner fish in your spear gun sights, come join me, find out 305 619 0731.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

set out on the atlantic alone on my sloop lot of wind

The wind whisked me through the waves like a sleigh, with a lot of horses. I wrapped the jib sheet a few times around the winch and wow it took some muscle to trim in the sheet, the Sea Dart heeled considerably under full sail. Its was nice to hear the wind and waves sailing along. Its amazing how much more stable a sailboat is, the sail steadying things nicely, here are some pictures I took of me sailing today and a movie.

Monday, August 20, 2007

statistics say i can tell a fun fillied storie easy here

April 7th 2007
Statistics makes me feel like writing now, amazed that just a few days of me not telling the tales of adventures my following dropped on me, like hurricane DEAN striking the south. I need you to be a return visitor tomorrow. I was sent some neat pictures from one of my past trip goers, thanks love you guys, hey check out my website tomorrow for new stuff so stay tuned for my next adventure. A Snorkel fish adventure with you if you charter the Delphine or if I get chartered. Send me your stuff or my life of extreme fun this week can be yours to see. If you like my Key West rap come back for another visit this week.
capt chuck

Saturday, August 18, 2007

the sky cleared for some mad fun in & out of sea

check out these transparent camouflaged fish,

Friday, August 17, 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007

world record size trigger puts up awsome rod battle

The snorkeling I heard was great, I yelled a few times for folks to guide them to the best part of the reef. The fishing made me look good as usual, I said see how easy it is, loading up the first rod of the day and drooped my bait swiftly to the bottom. Reeled up a bit, wham, scored a nice yellow tail then a good size bonnet head showed his bad self giving us a thrill, but the hook came free. We caught a lots of yellow tails, a few grunt and a nice trigger that almost spooled the rod. It was a good thing that I just put line on the rod yesterday. Come to Key West, join me, lets catch some big ones and swim with him. See the cool trigger, close to record size, posing in a cap, tonight he plays happily, no one wanted to eat him. Lets catch him when you come. Do you think you will eat him.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

atlantic ocean amazes family after diving the gulf

We made are way through the magnitude of fish, jetting about the reef like mini space ships in some far out galaxy right away there was two big groupers laying around like a piece of the reef, the sea fan camouflaged amazingly within the large unsuspecting schools of fish. It was great catching a big bucket of fish, a few groupers were caught everybody loved the constant catching of fish it was extremely fun later feeding them to the tarpon. At least 50 tarpon over 110 pounds scrambled to our fish we were holding out in our hands, even a fun loving 1st grader joined in. So I think you might dare to join in on this wild ocean experience, send me a e mail now, lets enjoy a summer day to the max.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

on a scale from one to ten it ws a ten in the water

What a fantastic reef dive today everybody loved my equipment; things like the nice tight seals, no fogging of their masks and also each one of my snorkels has a splash guard. It is a built in tips with that means it only allow you to breath through but no water can enter. Caught two huge lobsters snorkeling , what a fun sport lobstering is without scuba, gear it is much more challenging. Fishing was great, everybody caught fish. There were a few serious battles, we all laughed and joked smiled at the glimmering tranquil seas .Click below to see the squid.


Friday, August 10, 2007

awsome day lots of key west summer good stuff

When we entered the waters at the reef the excitement level was out of control. The fish came right up to all of us, fearlessly throughout the day. I tell people swim slow, as long as the fish don't feel threatened they all swim right up to you. The fishing reef was awesome, slamming fish left and right, than we had a giant sized fish, so big the over sized net just wasn't big enough. I was not quick enough with a rope for the tail, reach down and help me hoist this big one in, or through me a line. Come soon, call me I need some help with a fish, bigger than you.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

sir real everything as we all loohed in disbelief

As soon as we hit the water we were overtaken by its beauty, there was a small nurse shark about. It was way fun taking pictures of it, there was also lots of big fish all kinds about the reef off doing their thing. Hooked up with some big fish, the dolphins came right up to the boat while we were snorkeling, we all loved a huge 300 pound sea turtle that keeps making a daily appearance at the reef.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

calm sea fish chilling in the shade of the coral heads

The water was refreshing we were all super ready for the "Neste tea" plunge. The sun beat down piercing through the water overpowering it and even some of the sea life had to get out of the key west sun. Yellow tail snapper over ran the boat, keeping us real busy, we had the big one on for a bit. We had some fun with a small cuda, amazed after looking at a huge scar, that he actually healed up from. I guess us catching him finally used up one of his nine lives. He swam off the happiest cuda in key west.

Monday, August 6, 2007

mirror of waterr that all of key west could be seen on

The snorkel was outstanding a lot of big fish were swimming about, most you could see without even going in. Today was the first day of lobster season, the water was clear enough that the lobster men practically could look down and see if there was any lobster in their traps. A friendly sea turtle came over and showed me he was not afraid of me at all, he recognizes me from past encounters, the times we meet before. This time his brother was around and said hi to us . The fishing was great bunch of yellow tails all around. We hooked up with a barracuda while taking a dip, one snorkeler made haste back to the boat to reel him in. One fearless snorkel party was happily swimming off the stern, they enjoyed the bait fish being cast next to them. This gave them a close up look at cuds chasing our bait fish, wanting, hungry, teased, huge barracudas surrounding all of them chasing the fish cast by them. Only one out of ten goes in at the end of my trip, these folks loved jumping in at the end. Are you one out of nine that does not decide to fish, instead you will swim in fish infested waters,find out . Capt Chuck is calling you out no more looking or watching on tv, be apart of this incredible adventure, call now 305 619 0731, 69 bucks.


Sunday, August 5, 2007

keys awsome comfortable day snorkeling & fishing

The reef had its usual breathtaking beauty, we were diving with a nurse shark, his alarmed look as we meet face to face was priceless. I watched as battled hungry shipmates quenched their thirst, fighing barracuds who put up good fights loving every minute of it/. We caught quite a few cudas, a vampire fish, and a sea monster who was quite friendly he swam off a bit winded.