Sunday, June 29, 2008

hurray deep blue water hungry fish everywhere

ahhh, the deep blue clear water, made for a super fun snorkel. There were some big waves breaking further up the reef and a lots of fish struggling to huddle alongside the jagged coral heads. It was a real blast to swim. I was watching a gal taking a picture of a school of black dragons when my eyes opened really wide and to my surprise a 6 foot reef shark shot right by us, mouth open ripping through the school of scrabbling dragons. I can count on one hand how many times I have seen one of these cool looking fellows, they are the kings of the sea. There are over 250 kinds of different types of shark luckily there are only 25 or so that are dangerous, remember more people are killed by falling coconuts than sharks each year. Consider yourself real lucky if you ever get a chance to swim with one of these beautiful, somewhat harmless ocean creatures. Fishing was non stop thrills, one huge fish after another, as soon as we put out the bait fish, baamm, it would get eaten and a major battle would ensue. Filled the refrigerator and a bucket with fish, not bad to do all this in a four hour half day trip.

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