Thursday, September 17, 2009

playfully I did what fish do to one another what a jolt

I have watched so many fish over the years. Day in and day out in the middle of the ocean, I have been hovering, secretly undetected analyzing all fishes' behavior. I have found that fish love to play, today I played that game so well that my opponent sat poised knowing my next move as if to say I won. It was like a game of chess. He kind of slapped me with his fin during our game, see the video below.
It was really cool to come across my opponent, chilling with both of his fins down, comfortable sitting, poised purposely as if setting me up. He was looking at me face to face, his eyes looking right at me coming towards him, loving my surprised look, as if to say, I love games, I been playing them all my life with other fellow fish in our reef forest and ha ha I won.