Friday, June 6, 2008

deadleast catch keywest style big waves way big fun

Key West gets over 250 good boating days a year, today was big waves, everyone who went out with me today knew what was in store and welcomed the wild ride. It was better than any ride at Walt Disney world. Snorkeling was a bit foggy we spotted a tarpon and there was some various fish about. The water was not its usual clarity but I guess it just makes you appreciate the great days we do get, with the fish all around and super clear water, like you are in a movie. Fishing was great as usual we landed tons of fish. I took a few pictures of the highlights, a 13 year old gal landing a nurse. Then later a bachelor party landed a hammer head that they looked forward to eating later at restaurant, since most restaurants will cook your catch. Plentiful of tasty dinner for all of them.

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