Friday, July 25, 2008

like a six year old at x mas sprang ready for sea fun

As I peered down from the deck into the water, at the reef, the blue transparentness amazed my eyes, its overwhelming spectacular beauty beaming back , like it was covered in a light deep blue blanket of Atlantic shading, as I looked around in this blueness watching the fish play below, it was similar to snorkeling., It is really neat when the ocean gives you a peek from above, come take a gander from the Delphine, give me a call,your in for a real treat.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

outstanding is what I think of the adventure at sea

Pinch me, could I be dreaming, as I looked around from the bridge of the Delphine chugging along, the sky met the sea both the most beautiful colors you could possibly imagine. Is this real, I said to one of my shipmates. I guess its why they call this place Paradise.
Fishing was wild, check out some of the fun below on the video.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wow we what a blast snorkeling & fishing in paradise

Good morning I said, as some folks approached me on the dock this morning, ready for some snorkeling and fishing fun I exclaimed. They all said back, yes, happily and enthusiastically and off we went. I love taking people to my reef its a real special place, its like opening a door to a huge treasure and saying come on in and look. I had a mom say to me today, this is what we hoped it would be like, I guess they had been on another snorkeling trip in Key West earlier in their stay and went to different reef area. She said it was not anywhere near as good or offered excellent equipment like what I have, dry snorkels, private yacht and the best reef help. Fishing was its usual insanity, the fish were jumping on hooks left and right giving my shipmates quite the workout.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

can you imagine the best of summer here it lies

We blasted out the channel, eyes forward staring at the brilliant blues and greens of the Atlantic dancing under the blue sky. There sure are some neat folks in the world. I am a people person so for me its tons of fun interacting with people. This afternoon some of the people had never been on a boat, what a thrill it must be for them. Its almost unfathomable to me that they never boated, I have been boating with my folk's since I was a baby. My dad always owned boats and dragged all the family along. It sure is a great thing to do with your loved ones, it brings everyone closer together in so many ways.

Swimming like a fish, kicking our flippers making our way through America's Caribbean paddling along in fish infested waters, it sure feels good, what a blast we had. Fishing was really fun landed over 50 plus fish, watching folks set the hook every few minutes is really gratifying. Then seeing them smile ear to ear, come smile with me.

Friday, July 18, 2008

ultimate fun awaited 7miles out in a sandy blue sea

Click on picture to enlarge

As we pulled up on the yacht, Delphine, to crystal clear blue water we could hardly wait to take a peek. The water was as warm as the air, it felt good just below the surface, so I found myself swimming like a porpoise. I saw a nurse shark swimming towards me about 12feet below he changed course and headed straight to the surface right at me. He was being friendly, but it really startled me, next I watched him roll on the ocean floor like a dog, rolling around like a happy puppy in the grass. The fishing was great, caught a few cudas and variety of other fish.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

is it real or a dream, pinch, yep, its yesderday

Swim, play in the ultimate playground. Fun beyond your wildest belief, take a peek at some of our swimming and fishing fun that is in store for you and your chosen shipmates. Can you swim with the big dogs, I just took an instructor NAUI coarse, scuba instructor, so you are in good hands. The big fish are calling you out, call now 305 619 0731,

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

feel lucky snorkel & fish here in key west with me

We all boarded the Delphine, chugging along off to the best reef in the lower keys ,visibility was great, lots of fish about.and it showed. catching 40 or 50 fish, a few groupers and a nice bonnet head call me, lets carpe diem.

Monday, July 14, 2008

somedays its predictably fun more enjoyment instore

Snorkeling and fishings is going to be good, my enthusiasm is abnormally high for the fun ahead. As we looked back at the island of Key West from time to time clouds were dark and thick yet over us was sunshine all day. It was great fun reeling bunches of fish in, a gal had a fierce battle with a barracuda. It was one on one, the gal verses the cuda, finally tiring it, kicking its ass, see video below.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

spertacular day of fun the ocean showed us infininte

As you look out the widow, what do you see, through my eyes today was a ten weather wise for my kind of ocean fun. Swimming with a southern stingray as soon as my toes hit the water was sweet, then making my way through some barracudas and finally chilling with a nurse shark or two. As I watched a spotted eagle ray fly by I recorded it for you below via you-tube,also is the trumpet fish not a odd fish ,its only its a billion times better for real, so come join me and experience for yourself.