Monday, September 29, 2008

looked around it was a grand day upon us

Watched the reef fish do their thing, a parent blue runner, herding them like a sheep dog over her school. later, while looking at a bunch of french and queen angels a nurse shark snuck up as I was filming them. They are waiting for you so give a call and come out with me.

Tried a new fishing spot landed fish left and right.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

rain great what fun warm water beats the cold rain

Everyday you expect a beautiful sunny summer day story from me, well today was one of those with a twist. The rain came down hard on us, amazing thing was all of my shipmates were from a very dry climate with very little rain so this was a treat for them. It made for a pretty good match, because snorkeling in the rain is really fun. To explain what its like in a nutshell you really don't realizes the water falling from above. Its much like a regular snorkel but only when you stop put your head up and look around its a bit noisy with the spatter and spanking of the rain. I love the feeling of the nice toasty water all round, the coldish rain bouncing on the calm ocean surface.

Friday, September 26, 2008

expectations high we set out for some ocean fun

Sure is fun to swim around in the shallow waters, so far off shore at the Western Sambo. Swimming with countless sea creatures who have made their home at this beautiful garden of healthy reef area. It's always amazing to see turtles, come lets swim together with some. A bunch of fish were caught, we hooked up with a huge fish and battled him for some time. He was an aggressive fishing, to the point that that we hunted him under the water with snorkel gear but to no avail.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

OK here we go on a increadable ocean adventure

We hastily hit the water, hungry to see the oceans beauty. The visibility was alright, lots of fish about wevsaw a huge grey ocean trigger and a balloon fish but they were camera shy, so no pictures of them. Fishing was busy landing a bunch of fish.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

see the sea through a cameras eye imagine your eye

Nice dip at the reef the water was clear and all was normal. A nurse shark swam by and lots of fish were about. It was a blast catching fish, caught a nice cuda. The tarpons loved the snacks we brought them from our reef fishing. They gave my shipmates a healthy thrill these huge 100 plus (average size) hungry silver backs, they were ready to pounce on our fish treats dangling from our hands. They need your help, come catch some fish with me, lets feed the tarpon together, call me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

why to watch the bottom at the beach CLICKon PIC

{click on this picture}The ability to camouflage is the scorpion fish's middle name, stinging like a scorpion is his first,he was given the name for a good reason. His invisibility and his sting, makes him the ugliest fish in the sea. I saw these two on my morning beach dip, luckily for me. What do you think about their looks?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

storm here storm there storm eveywhere but here

We headed out early on the yacht Delphine, the morning was calm and nice, no whitecaps in sight just calm seas. We plunged into the seas but visibility was not very good, we could not see the bottom. Once we were on top of the reef, its beauty could be seen from the surface, its only 4 feet of water or so most of the fish regulars were chilling around the reef as usual. Then we through the hook out at the end of the channel, catching fish very minute or so,a nice black grouper was landed, we had some rocking going on. The wind picked up some, all and all it was a pretty sweet day. It was nice to get out since its been wind central here on the island.