Sunday, January 27, 2008

whistling wind accompanies us as we swim & f ish

We headed out to the reef, the sea was showing its wild turquoise greens and light blues with white caps slapping the Delphine broadside making her roll side to side. Once we reached the reef I was happy to see the visibility was still grand, we jumped in and made our way over to the reef. It was a wintery day with some swells spanking us about, it was no big deal, a bit much for my shipmates so it was a short snorkel. Everyone said the water was a nice temperature and loved the huge amount of fish that were about. We hightailed it inshore to a nice calm spot and caught some fish and enjoyed nature's peaceful serenity. A large sea turtle came up behind us, maybe 20 feet away, it was just one of the Atlantic's treats providing us with endless eye candy all day

Saturday, January 19, 2008

went 1000 miles north to snow saw tons of beauty

We traveled north, to Carolina's this week and saw my 88 year old grandpa, its good to be home. We saw some beautiful scenery, viewing it out the windows. I camped cross country, but getting back to the Keys was the best part, guess that's why I live here, paradise, Americas Caribbean. I couldn't wait to take the yacht Delphine for a spin we traveled out to the Boca Chica, waves were large, but my the fun loving tanning shipmates on the bow, yelling with excitement as waves splashed over the bow and high in the air,. They were keeping warm with the hot Florida sun and warm tropical breeze as the Delphine made her way through the ocean. The fishing was good we through a bunch of fish in the bucket and had a few big hits, one nice grouper. I told my shipmates next fish caught gets there picture on the blog, see the winner below with a vampire fish they call them that because they have fangs.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

steped right up for boating excperience extraordinary

As we were heading out the channel we all watched a turtle making headway up the channel as we peered down from the bridge of the Delphine. Once we reach the end of the channel we saw a lone dolphin, pretty, the way the dolphins slides through the water so eloquently. The reef was awesome, visibility was fine, it was a comfortable temperature for everyone, no one complied. We saw a huge yellow jack ripping through the schools of smaller fish, mouth open, hopping to mame or kill one of these smaller fish. Upon looking around my eyes saw a black grouper doing a stellar job of hiding next to a rock, blending. Probably the most amazing thing we was today was this school of at least 12 jack coevals and pompanos, they are skittish here at this reef than they are at a artificial reef, like the Cayman that is near by. The Cayman is a steel ship in 100 feet of water. As we were seeking up on them they were grouped fairly tight, some kind of mating ritual, a tight binding of fish bonding.

The fishing was also awesome, but the reef was just great today.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

is it possible to enjoy mother nature more than this

The fish in their natural innate wisdom are aware of the weather, always anticipating its every move. I told the folks today that all the fish would be out playing, that it would be a fish mob scene, knowing that windy rough weather was coming at dark. Sure enough it held true. It was a truly magical dive filling all of us with happy energy like the fish after this amazing dive experience. The fishing was awesome every person caught over half dozen fish or more each, making all my shipmates happy. They are amazed at the fun reeling in natures bounty, boosting their confidence all the while admiring their catch taken from the Atlantic ocean. The highlight was a girl, she had a difficult battle with a huge black grouper that she persistently told anyone who offered to help that when was fine, all the while huffing and puffing as she was reeling frantically. this day was one that dreams are made of, come make your dreams come true this year with me, the yacht Delphine and mother nature.