Wednesday, June 18, 2008

if you were a fish where would you live ? key west

Dad and his 13 year old boy made their way out the channel with me out for a magnificent day of snorkeling and fishing. Every few minutes while snorkeling we had large tarpon swimming around us, curious I guess, it's mating season so that is why there was so many about. The young lad had a ball taking pictures of these silver back monster fishes. We had schools of black dragons, all types of angels, his finger was clicking away on the camera. Fishing was great landing lots of fish, the young lad landed a nice size barracuda with some help from his papa,we had a long go of it bringing in this powerful cuda. While taking pictures of the barracuda, I had on another rod with a fish dangling out of the water alongside the boat, what happened next blew all all are minds, something huge jumped out of the water and eat it. With a load noise and a huge splash the rod screamed, we jumped right on it and battled it for a while. but he eventually he bit of the steel leader. Funny how fish can look above the water, I bet they look up at my smiling face all the time.

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