Saturday, July 21, 2007

waters around reefs turned clearer than spring water

The snorkeling was great, spotted all kinds of tropical fish, saw a father with his wife and half a dozen baby cuda kids go by enjoying there natural habitat. The tarpon are everywhere at the reef frolicking with one another, there were a few lobsters walking as well. I can't wait until the end of this month, lobster season is back in, it makes my mouth water thinking about it. The fishing was its usual insanity catching fish as fast as we could bait, one nice nurse shark was a real character. When the Delphine comes to the reef and unleashes the chum slick its like ringing the dinner bell and as easy as a drive through for the hungry fish like a McDonald's restaurant. Quick and easy thousands of fish filling there bellies with Capt Chuck's buffet, here try some of the special stainless hook, as we through out tasty treats with built in surprises for unsuspecting fish goers. Enjoying Capt Chuck's fish buffet at the reef.--CLICK PIC ---------TO ENLARGE -------HIT RED PRINT BELOW----------------------------movie shark caught -------------------------------

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