Thursday, July 19, 2007

bluewater clear colors brilllant beyond imagination

Imagine sliding into the clear ocean, almost weightless, like being in outer space floating. This Florida reef is the 3rd longest in the world. The snorkeling was nice saw a stingray, they can really move when they want. I think of them almost as a underwater bird flapping away. I saw a stone crab hanging out, in season you would only take one claw and let them go, really tastey stuff. Later the waters turned yellow with yellow tail snapper when i put out the bionic chum. as fast as we could bait we where hooking yellow tails. we where enveloped in a sea of fish hovering thick like a sea of yellow honey bees around the Delphine. A 99 pound fish put up a nice battle making a few girls huff and puff some. Everybody had a good time feeding the tarpons with some of the fish we caught. see video.

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