Tuesday, July 3, 2007

turtle swims with really exciting battle with huge fish

The sky was blue the ocean was its normal summer calmness. Jumping in each time I snorkeled was like taking the Nest tea plunge, aaah the water was cooler than hot summer air. Lots of happy fish playing, super cool turtle was at the reef. We all swam with him admiring his curious eyes and head as he looked about at us. A few big tarpons swam by us, saw lots of tropical fish and big schools of fish. The fishing in the morning was nice caught fish left and right, a real big fish robbed us of some bait fish, making the reels scream spooling out line in the afternoon. I decided to bring out the six odd, it was no match for a big tough barracuda. See the Youtube video of a sea turtle.
Click on the google video to watch a battle with a barracuda.


qball said...

We all had a great time with captain Chuck. I recommend taking a tour with him. I loved reeling in that 30 pound Baracuda. So long and thanks for helping me catch my first big fish.

John Van Atta.

Rebekah and Jeff said...

What an amazing time, the snorkel/fish combo was a highlight of our trip. We saw a huge variety of really majestic looking tropical fish and got some really great underwater pictures. We swam around with a turtle, did some fishing, had a few beers and enjoyed the scenery. It was a fantastic time! Thanks Capt. Chuck...we will be back!