Monday, July 23, 2007

papa took a rod his son the other together each won

The comfortable clear Caribbean ocean waters soothed us nicely as we sored about like eagles gliding above mountain and forests of coral heads and sea fans so rich in brill ant colors. Fishing rods worked hard today, caught a lot of yellow tail snappers. I made up some real incredible (fish catching) lures made of stainless wire, they worked awesomely getting hit hard only a short time after putting them out, a double header of sorts, catching a cuda and a nurse at the same time. I love days like this, cruising along staring at the ocean bottom from up on the bridge as if we were in 4 feet of water seeing everything so well, come join me for a dip and some fishing. Call me Key West Atlantic is calling you out for ocean revelry.-----CLICK ON PICTURE- to enlarge-

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