Sunday, July 1, 2007

saw huge 300 pound turtle must have been100yrold

The snorkeling was fun, we saw fish darting in and out of the coral canals that look like mazes. Within this living reef it is fun to watch this, it seems to be one of the games the fish play all day long. We caught lots of fish, all you could see was yellow aft of the Delphine, hundreds of yellow tail snappers, swarming like bees on a hive making the water turn yellow around the chum bag. When we went to feed the tarpon by hand today there was a surprise as the gentleman held his fish just below the water, up came a barracuda, you should have seen how quick he moved his hand . There was something huge at my fishing spot today, upwards of 300 pounds, the fish was so big that it was to much for the afternoon charter folks to handle. It bent the rod all the way over down into the water so we brought out the big guns, my six odd Penn. We loaded it up with double hooked bait fish, we didn't get the monster but I look forward to getting him next time. Come join me so we can do this together.

Click on the picture to get an enlarged view of reef from above or [click line below for movie] to see how close we moor near it.


John said...

It's funny how much you love that dead wasteland you call a reef in Key West. There are plenty of fish but visibility sucks 300 days a year. Go to the real Caribbean. Leave Key West to the cruise ship bozos.

Chuck said...

John you must have gone on some tourist trap snorkeling trip down at schooner wharf, my reef is alive the visibility is almost always good at my spot its the best reef in the lower keys because its shallow offering great visibility 250 days a year. its unfortunately you did not like the visibility the day you dived but I dive almost every day and there is plenty of crystal clear water days at my spot.