Wednesday, July 4, 2007

the 2nd reef water cleared snorkeled through caves

Its so exhilarating to swim down to the bottom and swim through a coral cavern, its like a short cave you never know what you will run into amongst the usual massive amount of fish that hide in them. I can see why fish love their habitat this coral wonderland. Swimming so happily around the reef you will love it to, come join me lets swim amongst over 200 variety's of fish, mammals and reptiles,humans all relishing the reef and its splendorous life like attributes being the third longest living organism in the world this coral kingdom of magnificent beauty awaits you. A big tarpon swam by us at the reef they like to hang at the reef during the summer. At my feeding spot the tarpons were thickm when we came to feed them, it didn't take long for them to gobble down are bucket of fish that we caught. I keep my eyes out for any barracudas when we feed the tarpons out of our hand, a near miss could be hairy, not like a tarpons or nurse sharks wimpy teeth. Feeding a 300 pound fish by hand takes some fortitude however its an optional thing to do on my trip, not for scardy cats. The yacht Delphine is calling you out, lets snorkel and fish call now.

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