Tuesday, July 17, 2007

dad takes daughters fishing they team up on a shark

The blue waters were in at the reef. There was a tarpon, we looked at one another I showed him some upside down swimming and different swimming stokes he seemed to love to watch me under sea happily playing. I watched his bright silver body rhythmically move, he did the same eyeing me. Huge amber jack swam by two groupers and hung out under a small coral head all the usual crowd of fish playing with one another or chomping on the reef or something. Its awesome when you look in the distance while under water and you can see so far that's why they call it Americas' Caribbean. Later I set out the chum slick, the girls and there daddy were slamming fish right and left filling the bucket, each battled with unsuspecting fish so intense the feeling of success emanating from their happy faces. After 1st glance when reeling in each fish to the boat after a fierce battle aboard the delphine, netting your shipmates fish can be fun also enjoying the full fishing experience aboard the Delphine just your party that's the nice thing about http://www.snorkelfishcombo.com/ I let you do it all. I just tell you stuff and help if you need it, making fishing much more fun than other fishing trips.

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