Tuesday, July 10, 2007

we hooked a gaint monster to big for my huge net

The fish just became bigger and bigger at the end so big that it was to big, not wanting to gaf the fish as to hurt him we got the net out. It was almost comical when we brought this monster up on the swim platform. Rocky and I had it in our arms grasping him for about 10 seconds at least, pulling him up on the back platform of the yacht then all at once the monster had a huge burst of energy not quick enough with the rope for his tail the huge monster began to spin, wrapping the line around himself snapping it off. We caught some mangrove snappers, grunts a nice black grouper, 2 barracudas and one huge monster. Watch the video, ops you won't believe it.its 5min long can not show. but come out on a adventure you may see for your self. here is one of the cudas we caught movie [click line below]

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