Wednesday, June 20, 2007

water turned to glass transparent clear blue fun stuff

We had a great day fishing and snorkeling. Caught plenty of fish to feed the tarpons, one jumped like a dolphin way out of the water eating a yellow tail right out of a teenage girl's hand also caught a nice strawberry grouper and barracuda. It was fun for all aboard the Delphine as we swam the reef enjoying all the swimming fish that were all about. The exciting thing for me was to play swim through caves. A good diver can swim through a underwater reef cave, here are two I swam through while snorkeling at the end of the day. As we headed back to the yacht I noticed some commotion on board, on passenger had got back early and had a big barracuda hooked up rod going haywire. Getting charged by a angry barracuda before getting in the boat was thrilling, no picture of this to busy swimming back to the yacht to help with him with the net.

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