Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mating season at the reef tarpons & sea turtle

The newlyweds faced and embraced with open arms the Atlantic Ocean, along with a family. The sea showed us a turtle, tarpons, angels and tons of other neat sea creatures. We caught tons of fish, a mother caught a nice snapper and planned on feeding her family later with it for diner. The tarpons are mating this time of year and its aways a treat to swim with these massive fish. I got a picture of one of these monsters, it was of med size, only 160 pounds i guess. There is one huge school of black dragons that always seem to hang out at my snorkel spot and got really friendly today. I found when I stayed still the school loves to surround me, its me and only the fish in a black cloud of synchronised fluttering sea wings. As their fins move back and forth yet all the while total in tune with each other becoming one a school of one hundred and one and me. You will see things in a different way that changes your life forever. Click to enlarge pictures.

These massive healthy pieces of coral shoals spring out of the Atlantic bottom to bring the most incredible species from all around the vast ocean desert to this coral oasis of menace fish clustering of ocean diversity. Its a honor and a privilege to swim here.

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