Monday, June 18, 2007

big sea horse comes to play flaping its little wings

Each time I dove the reef it was like a busy New York street, not cars or people but a multitude of different kinds of fish of all colors, sizes and shapes. The Moray eel was still hanging out in the same spot working with a nurse shark to catch fish. It's neat how they work together the moray stricking out and forcing the fish towards the shark to eat. I came within inches of the moray with the camera, he looked stunned. Another neat treat was to see a sting ray flapping by. We saw schools of parrot fish some 20 pounds or more they have such bright colors. Also I loved the sea horse I find them so neat to watch flapping there little wings, moving there little tails such a odd sea creature. The fishing was insane as usual catching buckets of fish and another red grouper he was one inch short to keep, still a fun battle for one giddy gal.

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