Monday, June 11, 2007

Amber Jack swam near we exchanged looks slowly looking

Atlantic ocean was one big pond, super calm water. Nice day visibility was a tad foggy, the fishing was awesome. Reeling in dozens of fish, hooking up once or twice with something ferocious. We brought 5 fish back to the dock for feeding the tarpons by hand. One of the fish we caught was on a rod I brought up from the bottom a delphine guest droped over board, lucky I know search & rescued and saved the rod and the fish. A girl was happily feeding tarpons when a big tarpon came way out of the water, knocking her pair of RayBan sun glasses of her head with a huge slash. I really enjoyed the thermocline, that's the cooler water just 3/4 feet down. It's like 5 degree cooler, it feels like walking into a cool room. Lots of fish all over the reef ,saw lots of angels, wow they are pretty. Also I spotted a hog fish, he was camouflaged, they are really tasty a white fish great for spearing easy to shoot a local favorite. We saw a nurse shark hiding,the hole group took turns swimming down and taking pictures looking up close yet cautious, also an Amber Jack came swimming up to me, he had never seen a human swimmer, i could tell with his curios rooming looks, we exchanged series glances, then he swam by and under some surface sea weed and of into the ocean obis.
Click to enlarge the hiden nurse shark and hog fish, click on the image.

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