Sunday, June 24, 2007

had a fish on stuck went in to get it unstuck to reel in

The water was calm and another beautifully day in paradise. I love how the groupers can change their appearance to match their environment, it is unique. Once at the Cayman, a wreck near my spot, I saw a grouper the size of a Volkswagen, he blended into the 200 foot wreck. Fishing was great lots of yellow tails and Bermuda chubs. Mom battled a nurse shark all by herself it was enough to wear out a family of six. She ran before I could get her face in picture. In the morning when we had a fish on the line we could not get it so I went in to chase it to the bottom. It was a green moray eel I have the video if anyone wants to see, feel free to comment. click on pictures to enlarge

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cameron09 said...

hey! its cameron...the girl with the video camera. well that was a really fun day and hopefully i can come back and catch a baracuda..(cant spell) but anyways. hope to see ya again!