Monday, June 4, 2007

it was like catching fish in a barrel at the coral heads

It was calm as a pond out on the reefs today, however the windy rough seas from last week made the water a bit murky, yet the reef was still a pleasant treat. Tons of fish played catch me if you can. The fishing was great it was like the fish hadn't eaten in a week, we must have caught over 60 fish throughout the day. Some really nice folks from a carnival cruise jumped in and attacked the reef wide eyed and were flabbergasted with the reef's floral garden of ocean splendor.

In the afternoon the serious fishing people overwhelmed the reef ceiling with there tasty hook fish treats with not more than a few minutes between each fish that slapped on the deck floor and each time verbally patting each other on the back, and saying that's a beauty.

Another wonderful day with smiling, happy faces aboard the Delphine.

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