Tuesday, June 19, 2007

angel fish everyplace all day most breathtaking day

The fishing today was fun. Watching today as a young gal kept her proud dad busy baiting her hook and unpeircing out battled fish. She was pulling in one fish after another. Hooked up with a few big fish that had the rod bent way over with whizzing reel. The waters at the reef took my breath away, this beautiful clear swimming hole way out, 150 miles plus from Miami. Today's waters excited me, exhilarated me more than ever before at the reef. I had the most amazing experience with my passengers, we all had so good a time we all yelled the same thing when we boarded the yacht, that it was awesome. You could hear the echo amongst us. I think to myself now, wow, I am lucky to do this and take you out on this adventure.
Click the picture to enlarge sky to see a rainbow over the moon. I sure I am lucky to do this all the time, check out the angles' face it is saying cheese. There is only one way to understand what I felt, seen and heard, you need to come out on the Delphine and see for yourself.

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