Sunday, November 18, 2007

very comfy key west sleeping shark snorkel sighting

Its neat to have the sea life react with you, interacting in their own manor, coming closer checking you out as you do the same. I watched this french angel as he comes up to me to say hi its hard to imagine what goes through a fishes head, its like the same thing going through mine, curiosity in a nut shell. Click on the video below, watch and see this phenomenon its as close as you can get to the real thing, but the real thing is million times better in so many ways.
Fishing was a smorgasbord of yellow tails, we through three out as bait on wire leaders. There was some rod battling going on throught the day with the bait fish getting eaten by feirce teeth. hungering for yellow tail snappers. This is one of their favorite survival foods. They carefully take on the challenge out of boardom kind of knowing what is involved in this dangling fancy dinner at the end of our fishing lines baited with hooks. Suspecting what wait, a caught pierce of their body is what they avoid, yet get their food. Today the big fish played us, guess they win some, not when you guys get out there with me. I would have won if I had not run out of treble hooks. Come snorkel and fish with me, with your help we can get beat these monster fish bait thieves.

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