Wednesday, December 5, 2007

shipmates says both days you cant buy this stuff

First thing this morning a man said, its the best day of the year, the man was coming in from the sea standing next to his boat as I headed to buy bait. I thought to myself, he's right, I waiting patently for 5 days for Wednesday's calm sea because the weather report said so. Yes it's true the stuff you see on my trips are so intense; mind, body, soul, sound, feel, its a rush of all these senses. I just love soring through the water weightless. Diving way down today the nurse sharks where fun, they looked at me while they were hooked on the ocean floor, oh no its Capt Chuck, frantically trying to yank out the embedded hooks tangling themselves on the jagged edges that protrude up from the bottom. Swimming down freeing up the two nurse sharks we caught today was fun. After freeing the line up I held on to it and one of the sharks took me on a ride. Come on out, you can try this exciting shark fun. As we looked down through the crystal clear water we freaked out astonished at the yellow jacks, wow are they fast, the reel spooled out line fast as hell today when a jack ate one of our yellow tail bait fish At the end of the day we had a nice bonnet head and a huge bucket of fish for my tarpon buds.

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