Sunday, December 2, 2007

curios we dove the reef happly we landed lots of fish

We Traveled due south to my favorite spot, unleaded some eager folks to Americas Caribbean most magnificent locations. The temperature of the water was satisfying not to hot nor to cold just perfect. We swim in, it just bathing suits year round here no need for a wetsuit at this toasty Paradise.
It was a thrill every few minutes catching tons of fish, over ten each, later we took all the fish and feed the tarpons. We loved the aggressiveness of the tarpons, grabbing at our dangling fish, that were in our fingers. A barracuda grabbed a fish and gave everybody a thrill but we all kept feeding keeping our eyes watched out for the toothy barracuda who was about. Get some exercise, get ready for a swim at the reef and some rod reeling with me , call me 305 619 0731

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