Thursday, December 27, 2007

making way at sea exploring the oceans body& soul

We traveled out 7 miles in calm ocean waters, always a treat, the preferred way to travel over the sometimes turbulent waters we can get this time of year. Its truly awesome to swim and hang out all day in nothing but a bathing suit and a pair of Costa sunglasses. My company today was awesome, as usual, they were swimming the reef which was a ball, spotting a sea turtle and all kinds of tropical fish. Someone said, Captain Chuck, we just were in Saint Croix, this place is way better. I love talk like this, my answer was, I know to bad everyone who comes and snorkels in Key West can't always see it's the best reef because they get stuck in the touristy trips, going to reefs with less diversity than mine .
The fishing was fun landed lots of fish. In the afternoon two young boys four and five caught their first fish, that was cool, they both were quite out spoken and had us laughing at some of their comments as they caught fish faster than some of my other fellow shipmates. The sun bore down on us hard today. Hurry on down and bring some sun block you will need it. Call me now and make a date. Lets have some over the top good times aboard the Delphine, soon.

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