Saturday, November 17, 2007

rough sea found some folks to cover fuel off we went

My love of this ocean stuff is extreme, most boats stayed in today, not me, I was able to talk some folks into exploring my playground seven miles out to sea. It was over 6ft seas past the reef, hang on folks, better than any ride at Walt Disney world. As the Delphine rocked wildly, hastily as soon as we moored at the reef my body hit the water, leaving my crew girl Nikki to watch the yacht sitting there rocking away. As soon as I hit the water, it was like awww, comfortable, the waters is still warm, it really never gets colder than 70 degrees year round. Really nice compared to a rocking boat a few waves splashed over my head, good thing all my snorkel equipment for me and my people have splash guards. We saw some mammoth groupers couldn't wait to get back to catch some. Fishing was awesome, we came in shore to slay some unsuspecting hungry fish. The current was at slack tide, making it way to easy to fill the fish bucket, the usual rod bending frenzy aboard the Delphine.

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