Sunday, September 23, 2007

unbelieving nurse spelbound we played in&out water

Slipping into the water like a comfortable shirt, we were greeted by tons of yellow tails having a ball, dancing about in the shade of the yacht. One of the snorkelers spotted a nurse shark laying around we had fun taking pictures and interacting with him. We also saw lots of tropicals and all the reefs splendor. The fish inhaled the chum like their were eating their last meal, burying their noses tightly together that make a solid mass of fish, you could practical walk around our Stern. The rod screamed, followed by the spinning of a fast reeling hand, after a short bit, we realized its hung up on the bottom. Let me grab my mask but when I hit the water I saw a cuda, scurrying of to the abyss, made my way down the line and now I could see a nurse shark in the distance in the direction the line. I yelled its a shark then swam down and untangled the line. As I pulled upon the line there was a lot of commotion beneath the coral head, than out came a 40 pound black grouper. I yelled back, its a black grouper, the line was still stuck however so I swam down pulling on it and out came a monster Goliath grouper. I pulled the line up some clearing the coral entanglement with this feisty big fellow no such luck he dragged me around the reef for a snorkel sleigh ride and eventually he coughed up the fish.when i was grabbing a breath moments later Back on board the rod was screaming making then married couple step up, husband power reeling and wife help holding the pole and chair. After sometime the fish went under the boat, that's when soon to be wed couple, jumped in moving the rod one of the engaged couple clearing the fish from under the boat, while the other worked the net. Great team work by all this nurse shark didn't have a chance. It was a good thing that Goliath group coughed up the bait fish. [bring your family lets see if they can be a fishing team, see video]

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TIM said...

This was a GREAT time, nice and intimate no crowds just great. Best deal in Key West for sure. Plus catching a shark is pretty awesome!