Thursday, September 27, 2007

alan reaches inside goliath grouper for are hook

Amazing describes the far out sea adventure for this couple, they stayed right with me cruising the reef. There were large schools of yellow tails and grunts in the valleys amongst the coral landscape. A big grouper waited under the reef and behind a sea tree, I don't doubt ever hungry for these masses of fish that are his food. The fish today were bait thieves, they were fastest, stealing the bait off are hooks like it was going out of style. It's like they gave it a yank, saying send more down, after they eat our bait. Alan battled a cuda and later his girl friend reeled in a nice Goliath grouper, you can't take them out of water under the new rule. Alan took out the hook and off he went, this new rule is a good thing, these big groupers can be temperamental taking them out of water can kill them.

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