Monday, September 3, 2007

summer day what you want to do lets catch lobster

We all set out, with our lobster tickle sticks and stuff really stoked for are future hunt. When looking around underwater next to our boat we saw a big nurse lounging right below are anchored spot. I knew this fellow, he has given me a pissed of glances in the past ,I guess its my usual bag of his food in my hands on his turf. As we took turns diving the jagged drop offs, working along it some neat sea creatures were doing the same thing. We saw a big fish, one 60 pound grouper and 150 plus pound tarpon both freak you out big Wise. You can't help but be surprised with something uprearing in front of you all at once huge size. I saw a Caribbean crab pissed off when we roasted him from his cave a very feisty fellow with his big claws snapping about. Our lobster dinner was sure tasty,so good with butter.

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