Saturday, September 1, 2007

atlantic showed us fun beyond are wildest dreams

CLICK ON PICS TO MAKE----BIG plunged into clear blue waters tons of fish could be seen in all directions. The sun made the water transparent as could be, a few yellow jacks swam by, I have a picture. Yellow jacks are actually fairly large although they don't look that big in the picture. They are also very good to eat and a great sport fishing fighter. A nurse shark was laying about the people snorkeling with me were tickled, snapping some pictures.
The fish were no match for the quick reacting angelers, slamming fish left and right the girls and boys alike. The live bait made the rod scream, one jump and 5 or ten minutes later a nice size cuda was caught. We later dove in and swam with with him, he seemed to look at us in admiration, still catching his breath after reviving him and letting him go to enjoy another day to eat and play in the Atlantic Ocean of Key West. [see the video below catching the cuda.]

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