Saturday, September 29, 2007

fish lovers dream playground on atlantics live reefs

The reef was its usual kick ass self, saw a big grouper chasing down his lunch, also a 15 pound yellow jack doing the same. It was easy pickings for these fellows with the thick schools of fish just barly out a mouth's reach. We watched as they rocket through the large schools, small fish jetting left and right out of the way of their open jaws. Hovering about the reef we saw a few barracuda and some tropicals, we all got some great pictures the energy level was high when we reached the boat everyone yelping out there snorkel excerpts of what a great snorkel it was. The rods did some work today for my rod reeling shipmates, scoring a few nice fish. The most fun are the big fish to reel in, also to hang out with them for the photo op. Its always a treat to handle these large sea creatures, they can be tricky to get but no match for my shipmates today. The nurse shark had wrapped the line on the reef thinking we would break it off so he could get away, On 99 percent of fishing boats he would have gotten away, fortunately one of my shipmates grabbed his snorkel stuff dove down 20feet untangling his escape. We saw sea turtles, dolphins and many more of natures creatures, loving this awesome ocean. Come show some love call me, capt chuck 305 619 0731 its only 69 a half day

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