Friday, September 7, 2007

skimming reef i ran into nurse head on doing same

We swam along watching the fish fluttering about. I was as close as I could get to the reef with my camera, just inches above the coral skimming the reef taking pictures, when I meet up with a nurse shark with his mouth open sucking in small fish. I heard they could suck a conch out of a shell. lots of smaller fish are sucked up with his vacuum cleaner type action skimming the reef
The fishing yacht goers today loved the eager hook, eating lips of unsuspecting fish one after another making us all real happy especially when they were having a conversation I heard. I was told that he had never caught a fish in salt water before. As I watched him reel in a nice black grouper it was a real treat, however one foot from the boat in front of all to our surprised eyes a huge barracuda wanted it more and took a huge bite leaving only the head. We were robbed, just a moments away from our netting him, however he went on to catch more fish as did the others, good fun feeding the tarpon by hand.--------------------------------- CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE

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Veronica said...

Captin Chuck, we had a great time and look foward to joining you again soon. I have some pics for you too if you would like to share. You are a great host and a fine Captin. See you soon.